False Realities


Life is not made of one path, nor is it made by paths that are obvious. It is made of winding roads that lead to dead ends, where people find themselves trapped and die, unable to find meaning in life. It is made of convoluted lanes that seem to have no end, as if life itself intends to drag out the resignation and regrets that each and everyone of us has tucked away deep within ourselves. It is made of an infinite amount of interconnected avenues that cross boundaries and walls, forcing people of different lifestyles to interact, for better or for worse. It is impossible to predict - just like time, life is not under the absolute control of our own hands or wills. Life will continue with or without you, no matter how much we struggle against it. From those treasured moments with friends and family that we enshrine within our minds, to the melancholy and dispondent junctures that will always be remembered and felt as they weigh down our minds and hearts, each makeup what we define as our lives. In everything we do, at the very least, we unconsciously incoporate what we have learned and gathered to face what will face in the future. We yearn to show others what we have felt, in the hope that we will not just educate others, but to also bond with and have someone to travel with us on our adventures. There is no such thing as a false experience, in the sense that everything contributes to what we will become. Each experience, each memory, is but one block, one tile, that we use to pave the course we will take. There is one but truth in life: to live. Every moral and ideal stems from a silent acknowledgement of this axiom.


Living a normal young adult's life, [redacted] appears to be living a life that everyone craves for. With interests in a wide variety of topics, spanning from video games and anime, to social and scientific phenomenona, people have gravitated towards [redacted]. With kind, loyal friends who hold similar interests - like a weird sense of humor, or love for challenge, as well as a professedly strong fortitude in academics - to others, everything seems to have been paved for success. However, unbeknownst to everyone else, the pressure has been steadly accumulating, due in part to peers' expectations and recent pitfalls. To escape from the self-guilt and shame, a heavy decision lies in front of [redacted]. Before it can be answered, however, a seemingly impossible situation occurs, forcing previous plans to be put to the side. Before long, things take an abrupt turn, and [redacted] is soon embroiled in the middle of a massive conflict, one compounded by - and strangely enough, tied to - a cloudy and ominous past. The road [redacted]will take is one fraught with despair, a confrontation with old demons and derelict ideals, a battle mirrored from the inside with the outside. In such dire times, [redacted] must realize a crucial part about relationships with others, and the world, in order to survive.


Hello everyone! This is not the first time I've tried writing stories (I participated in the NanoWriMo contest as well), although this is the first time in a while I've put pen to paper, or finger to keys, whichever floats your boat. I was shown to this site by a SO of mine, and decided to use this as my writing platform. I know, I may not be writing about asian celebrities, but I'd like to think that the spirit of "writing" is what makes this site inviting. ^.^

That being said, I might throw a few references about some asian artists I like into here (and tie it with the plot, somehow). Alright, time to put my characters where my mouth is and finally start writing. :D


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This seems deep. Looking forward to reading when I can! :)