Morning Musume x KPOP guys oneshots


This is made for fans of Morning Musume, I can't seem to find that many fanfics that involve them being STRAIGHT, but I can't say that I will not make yuri oneshots in here xD


Chapter 1: Taemin x Aika

Chapter 2: Hangeng x JunJun/LiChun

Chapter 3: Minho x Sayumi

Chapter 4: P.O/Jihoon x Erina

Chapter 5: Onew/Jinki x Risa

Chapter 6: Jeongmin x Mizuki

Chapter 7: Minwoo x Riho

Chapter 8: Kwangmin x Kanon

Chapter 9: Donghae x Eri


Here are the girls in Morning Musume that I will make oneshots about:

Takahashi Ai (24)

Niigaki Risa (22)

Kamei Eri (22)

Michishige Sayumi (23)

Tanaka Reina (21)

Kusumi Koharu (19)

Mitsui Aika (18)

JunJun/LiChun (23)

LinLin/QianLin (20)

Fukumura Mizuki (14)

Ikuta Erina (14)

Sayashi Riho (13)

Suzuki Kanon (13)

Iikubo Haruna (16)

Ishida Ayumi (14)

Sato Masaki (13)

Kudou Haruka (12) 


And the boys will be from these groups:


Super Junior



Block B





It might increase as the story goes on, but there might be some JPOP guys ninja-ed in the story, those will be from these groups:



Hey Say Jump




There might even be a suprise chapter with a pairing like.. AiPi (I'm a total shipper AiPi) or MichiAki (A bit of a shipper) and others as well.

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@Reikitty: LOL did you just comment for every one shot? XDDDD You're awesome XD
kyaaaaaa....Mizuki first kiss >w<
hehehehe...nice for Minho x Sayumi :D
woah..JunJun and Hangeng!!!! kyaaaaa... I love it xD <3
kyaaaa ~ I like JongHyun -Reina, Taemin-Aika... dats my favourite couple :DD
KameFishy #6
I LOVE ERI & DONGHAE THEY R SO CUTE this chapiter is the best and you are the best . I MISS ERI =,((
kagaki #7
Boo I understand ;__;<br />
yay for Koha and Key :D
i LOVE eri and donghae!!!!!!!!!! I really liked that chapter!! too bad she had to leave T.T
The new chapter is nice and so cute!! I can definitely see Koharu and JiYoung <3<br />
I don't want Yuuka to leave either!! T__T First Saki, now Yuuka... there's only Kanon and Ayaka left T.T and I can't help but have a feeling that Kanon or Ayacho is going to leave next as well and then S/mileage will be left with just the new members.. I wonder if the addition of new members had anything to do with Yuuka's and Sakichy's departures?
kagaki #10
The Eri and Donghae was sweet :D<br />
So was the one with Zukki