Greetings! I made this thing in hopes to help fanfic authors whose stories has been plagiarized/copied & posted without permission on other websites.


1. PLEASE subscribe so that you can be notified if a story has been plagiarized so you can help report/block it and take it down.

2. Please spread this page. The more people involved, the easier and faster it is to report a plagiarism issue.

3. If you know an AUTHOR or a STORY that has been plagiarized, DO NOT hesitate to tell us and we will post it here for you. (Just give us the link to the original story and the link to the copied story.)

*If you upvote this and it gets featured, it will be posted on AFF's homepage and it will raise awareness to other writers.

(I'm not doing this for points, I just know how it feels like to get your stories copied without permision so I want to help.)


Chapter titles that has an asterisk (*) on them means that those plagiarized stories has already been taken down/removed/reported.


How to submit plagiarized material:

1. The link to the original story.

2. The link to the plagiarized version.

3. Link to the account of the person plagiarizing a story.

4. Post it on the comment section or send me a message.

[ After I receive a report, I send messages to the authors involved to review whether or not an action needs to be done, so please don't expect me to rush things. ]


How to report on other sites? (click here)


It would be nice if someone can help me do a tutorial on how to report plagiarized stories and users on wattpad...

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Is this thread still active?
trishaa #2
Are you still active? i want to ask. I commented in 3 stories in one day that they had a lot of similarities with other story/books but they didn't even put credit or whatsoever to prove that the original author had given them permission. But a minute after i put the comment, i can't access the story and their profile it's said "Sorry, there is an error in this request or this page is no longer available! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ "
Were they blocked by aff or they blocked me so i can't see their stories again? thank you :)
brittlepin #3
Is this still active? :<
exolove98 #4
Wow! This is so good especially for the author. Well actually, I have seen some plagiarize case based on anime and manga. I hope a lot of people will be more aware about it
OMG!!! Thank you for making this blog! :)
evilbluemonkey #6
Plagiarized story:

Original story: Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park

The author used this line without Rowell's permission:
"No,______you're not beautiful. You're like art, and art is not supposed to be beautiful. It's supposed to make you feel something.
im so glad i saw this.
ok, my story had been plagiarized. it start when i advertise my story in hope a lot of ppl will subscribe my story. since it exam week so i didnt online for 2 weeks. when i open my story to update a lot of my subscribers pm saying that someone report my story. honestly i didnt know who report it. so i open the site where the girl copy it. and it 100% same as me. she just change the character,
she report it one day after my story got advertise.

but, she not the one who report it, it was act her friends. she think i copy her friend work. Her friend didnt even start a chapter how can i copy her. plus i already in my 36 chapter. is this even making sense ?

My story : My Detective Girl
Plagiarized Site :

i already make a new one but i still want a justice. im not even the one who copy it why she blame ? in which way, how can i know who reporting it ?

Plagiarized story:
Original story: The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones

According to her, the character and place names have been changed (obviously seen in the foreword), so it doesn't make it plagiarism.....
Chapter 5: I can't comment on watt pad because my it error
Chapter 4: Thanks for making this blog :D