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*NOTE:  a   s h o r t   s e q u e l   o f   O n e   W a y   O u t  :)

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fuxkmeharder #1
marinette #2
Chapter 3: Oh! It's like alien stuff..so on the prequel the "killer" is shin hye and yesung..
Nice fic I like it ^_^
romeyu #4
This is really a good one.
mysteriously_unknown #5
Chapter 3: awww SunHwa and KwangHee couldn't end up together? :(
sylviangatimo #6
Chapter 3: Eh... I'm confuse in this sequel but I like the first story, I found that story because you use Yesung as a tag but as I read that story I started love that story but I was confuse in this three shot sorry that I can get in this 3 shot but keep up the good work *sorry is my English bad :3
sunggyustummy #7
I love this! Well done. :)
Chapter 2: I can't wait for the update....please update soon...I'm dying to know what happen next..,,
Chapter 2: Waaaah! You need to update!!! I'm dying just beacuse I'm so curious~ this series is just so awesome!!!
mysteriously_unknown #10
Chapter 2: what is the relationship between ShinHye and the guy? :o