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This will not be a new story but only a collection of my favorite GTOP fanfics or my favorite GTOP authors, that we could find here in AsianFanFics! It shouldn't be public at first but after I read about MissBoss's balance project I decided to publish it.




It's only my opinion and you're free to agree or not with me, I just ask you to respect my opinion and authors that I mention here and their work. So please comment on their stories about your opinion.


On contrary of what I put in the tags, this is not really a recommendations list, it already have plenty of its here, as TOPgirl1's "When you don't know what to read" and I do not try to make concurrence. But I obviously consider all the stories I mention worth reading...


Any of the stories cited here are mine, this is not advert! and I actually don't consider my own fics good enough to figure here...

Of course this is not an exhaustive list of good authors and fics, it obviously have plenty of other really good authors or stories that I wouldn't mention here and that, in any case, devalue them!!!



About Recommendations:

I'll ask you to not advertize your stories on the comment box!!! This is not the purpose of this and I'll erase any self ads in there! You're warned!!


You can advice me to read some stories by commenting or by MP (the latter is prefered) I have only a condition: do not recommend for your own stories, as I said this is not advert!!!


Every 10 chapters I'll add a little list of some of the stories which were recomended by readers (I have not decided how much yet, it will probably depend of the number of recomendation I had)



As for my stories, I'll probably take age to update so please be patient with me....

Here is my crapy english.... English is not my mother language so please forgive all my mistakes....


double update + the special chapter as i have something to say!!! (sorry for the language mistakes)
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