The Other Side


Hyera felt numb all over her body. The strong grasp of life she once led no longer exists. Her walls have crumbled down only to rebuild its way up again. 
Hyera was as cold as ice. 
She was voided of any emotions for a period of time. But then her walls came crumbling down again. She felt lighter - like the single light feather of a bird. She knew how to smile, how to laugh, how to cry, and how to live. 
She was content with her ife because she finally had a reason to live.
But good things never lasts long. 
Once again, she built a thick layer of concrete walls around herself. The strong grasp of life she once had is no longer in her hands. She felt hollow. 
Her world slowly became meaningless. 
It was slowly falling apart and Hyera was back to first base. 
All because of him.


fictional character and fictional story
original storyline written by selectedvips

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Chapter 1: sequel juseyo :( i literally cried huhu