Girlfriend and Boyfriend


It all started with an advertisement. 

Prequel to "Husband and Wife"


Genre: (Slight) fluff
Author's Corner:
I honestly have no idea how people define fluff.
Is it like supposed to be super cheesy?
Is it supposed to make people float to cloud 9?
I don't even think I can write it perfectly to make my readers squeal in delight.
However, I will continue to try. Regardless of the results, I will try. 

fictional character and fictional story
original storyline written by selectedvips


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lkim0313 #1
Chapter 1: a little sweet scene <333 update more xD
Brandalicious #2
This seems nice, I'll be waiting for you to update it ^^
nathrakh #3
Never heard the term "prequel" before, it called my attention xD