Brother Complex ... or not

Just a Yoomin oneshot

It depends on how much time you invest, even if it's only two months, 10 hours a day -- early morning morning afternoon and night... then it's possible.”


Was what Woo Jiwon has said and Changmin wondered if he had went crazy for actually consider the insane suggestion?

Well sure, everything required practice, but Changmin was no sport-star, he was a singer, a performer, what he have to do 10 hours or more a day was practicing choreography and vocal training.

Cool Kiz On The Block was just another TV show with the only exception of him having to do some extra physical work, it didn't need him to do anything more than playing (failing at) sports on television.
But yet here he was dribbling a basketball against the ground in the cold weather of November at past midnight, cladding only in his sweatpants and a thin jacket over his tank top. He had to pull his hood up in hope to block the freezing breeze from fanning against his ears and shoved his unused hand into his pocket to prevent it from numbing up. His mouth periodically released white puff of air as he allowed the sound of the ball bouncing to envelop him and his thinking.

He lowered his posture, eyes glued to the hoop as he bounced the ball in between his leg, then did a turn around as if he was avoiding an opponent. He ran and jumped up as he tossed the ball up from the side, doing a successful lay up when the ball dropped down through the ring.

Not waiting any second, he grabbed the ball and dribbled it outside the shooting zone and turned back, raising the ball up and threw it as he jumped. The ball hit the ring and bounced back. He let out a tsk and went for the rebound, easily forced the ball to go in.

This, though, was not enough. Practicing by himself was too easy, he would mess up during a game in the end.

Ping pong, bowling and badminton were the same. His practice partner for ping pong was a great level below the club players, so it didn't help, but he had appreciate the other's effort to help him. He get at least 4 strikes in his practice bowling game but completely made a fool of himself in the actual match. And with badminton, he won because Jongsu was there to back him up.

To sum it up, Changmin failed at everything they have played, and he seemed to be the worse entertainer too. Sunbaes like Hodong and Sugeun could cracked a joke at almost everything during the short interview with the club players. But Changmin could only followed what the script say and reacted to things.

Sometimes he had thought that he was unsuitable to be on this show as a regular member, but he wanted to see the look on his teammates' faces when they occasionally won. It was like when DBSK had won an award and then everybody cried and his hyung hugged him tightly.


Changmin bit his lip, realizing he also couldn't keep their group together and failed to keep proper contact with two members of JYJ in the past years. It wasn't as if he doesn't have their numbers, it was just that he didn't know what to say.

Dribbling the ball --thinking about all this made him frustrated -- he ran again, jumping as the ball left his grip, hitting the ring and bounced back. He frowned and went after it, injured foot land on its side unexpectedly as he messed up his footing and pain shot up through out his body and he yelped, falling down onto the ground.

"Damn. Already?" Changmin scowled at his bandage foot as he massaged it lightly. He started out with it giving him little hard time, but now even moving his toe hurt. Forget about playing more, how can he walk home now?


He brushed his finger in his hair. And sat there until footstep was approaching him.

"You called me out to see you lazing on your instead of practicing?" A familiar voice said and Changmin whipped his head around, eyes widened.

"Yoochun-hyung" The man smiled, looking the same as ever. His hair cut short and he was wearing similar attire to Chamgmin's. He picked up the unattended ball and grinned.

"Hey, Min"

Changmin scrambled up, ignoring the sting of his ankle. After all the recent shoot hasn't been broadcast yet, no one but the staff and his team knew of his injury. And Changmin wasn't one to show his weakness so easily.

He snorted, posture ready for a one on one battle as Yoochun too bended his knee and dribbled the ball.

"Hyung, you haven't seen the recent episode? I am Choikang Changmin, I don't know how to give up" He restated his corny quote from the last shooting and charged in as Yoochun passed a ball under his leg and swiftly cleared him and caught the ball
Changmin turned to chase after Yoochun. But the man had already jumped up and forced in a dunk, dangling from the basket before jumping down.

"I also saw that you couldn't contain your laughter when saying it," Yoochun laughed, bouncing the ball again.

Still bewildered, Changmin didn't reply and glued his eyes on the figure of the other.

"What?" Yoochun asked tossed the ball up against the board and caught it again.

"Again. You and me. One on one" Changmin challenged with a grim look and Yoochun was surprised, but he began to grin and getting ready to start again.


"No, your defense is full of hole."

"Wrong, don't use both hand when shooting"

"Come on! Use your strength, you're not this weak Min!"

"Foul! It was too obvious!"

Changmin gritted his teeth and ducked pass Yoochun with the ball, eyes focused completely on the basket as he raised his arms to shoot but the ball was knocked out of his hand when a hand came up from behind him.

Changmin landed as the ball rolled out of court and Yoochun stood close behind him. His hood was long fallen down, but now it wasn't the cold air that gave him chill, it was Yoochun's hot breath.

"Watch your opponent too Min. You're not alone on the court" Changmin could only nod, not fully taking in the advice with the other pressing against his back.

But that didn't last long as he felt Yoochun moved away and he let out a breath, sinking onto the ground. He dropped on his back uncaring for the fact that he was lying on dirt and covered his face with his arm.

"Laying down when you're tired is not good, Min"

"I don't care I'm done." He panted out.

Yoochun settled on his side beside Changmin and huffed.
"Alright so what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. Why do you assume something is wrong?"

"Because you're being grumpy and you asked me to come at midnight."

"I didn't think you were awake when I send that text." Changmin mumbled.

"Well I was about to sleep at that time"

"Then why did you come?"

"I'll come whenever you ask you know that."

"Then how come you left me when I had asked for you to stay back then?" He bit his lip as the question left his mouth. He didn't mean to bring their split up after all these years because the taboo subject always hurt him or the other side in the end.

Yoochun removed his arm and looked down at him. "Let's not start this again, ok?" Regret filled his eyes as he connected his eyes with Yoochun.

"Okay" The younger one let out a quiet agreement before Yoochun brought the distance between their lip to nonexistent.

Gentle, soft and like Junsu had described once as "yummy" were Yoochun's lips. The one that were Changmin's, and still are even now. Yet he couldn't help but felt some jealousy toward his other hyung in JYJ for having all the time in the world to admire what belong to him. Even when he knew he was the only one that can claimed them.

Changmin grabbed the back of Yoochun's shirt and lifted his head lightly and increased the pressure of their contact and Yoochun had gladly gave him what he wanted.

Biting, , with all teeth and tongue until Changmin's mind was only filled with his lover and his throbbing foot was being forgotten too.

He pulled back as Yoochun pulled away right at the same time. Their breath mingled and tickled Changmin's nose before Yoochun got back to his sideway laying position and propping his elbow up to look at Changmin's flushed face.

"So, tell me the problem now."

"Demanding bastard."

"Yours. Now hurry and spill." Changmin brought his arm up to cover his face again.

"I don't know. Things just jumbled up in my mind right now," Yoochun hummed, urging him to continue.
"Cool Kiz is affecting to me too much. I feel incompetent. No matter how much I practice I always let them down. And as I turned my focus into sport, I forgot choreography, and lyric. I messed up in today rehearsal. Zoned out during a radio recording-- I just...feel like a complete failure. Nothing is enjoyable anymore." He curled up against Yoochun, hiding his face. It was shameful to admit all of his worry to another person, and not to forget the person was Yoochun.

He hated to feel so weak. But if he held these feeling in any longer, Changmin afraid he would burst open any second in the next hour.

Yoochun d his hair as he opened his mouth to continue.
"Did you know, the company had begin to express their thought of pulling me from the show?"
"No? Did they now..."

"Hm..yea. I busted a lip, twisted my ankle--" He paused. , Yoochun wasn't suppose to know. Not yet anyway.


"You're not angry about me not telling you about my foot...?"

"I kinda noticed when you limped before. Now keep going."

"Oh..." Trust Yoochun for not saying anything for the sake of Changmin's pride. "Well they think the show wasn't helping the band...and I don't know. It seemed like it to me too."

"What do you want to do though?" Yoochun spoke against his forehead.

"I want to play together with everyone... I don't want to disappointed Yunho-hyung anymore..."

"Then why are you still moping baby?"

Changmin stiffened before smiling into Yoochun's chest.

"I'm not moping. Nor I am your baby."

"Fine fine, brat then"

"Shut up, you're ruining the moment hyung."

"Yea yea and you called me a demanding bastard."

Changmin took in a breath and hooked his arm around Yoochun's torso before looking up to him.
"Can we stay like this for a bit? I will try everything again harder after that."

Yoochun smiled, his eyes stared at Changmin with adoration and pride?
"You do realize, we're laying on the dirty ground right? "

"Yes. And I don't care." And Yoochun laughed, and Changmin clung against his hyung again with a small smile pasted on his lip

"Okay, Min"


Pacing around in the living room of Changmin's place, Yunho gripped his phone tightly in his hand. The maknae has been acting strange lately and now he wasn't picking up his phone. And the time was driving Yunho crazy as well.
What could Changmin possibly be doing out at 3 o'clock in the morning?

He decided to punched the same number in again and lifted the phone to his ear. This time the line was connected and Yunho found hope in his chest.

"Changmin! Is everything okay? I went to your house but you weren't there and it's late--where are you? Hyung will come to pick you up--"

"Geez, slow down Yunho-hyung. I didn't know you had the mother role in you." The voice wasn't Changmin's. But it wasn't a stranger for sure.

"Yoochun?" Yunho went with his first assumption in his confused state.

"Yes, it's me hyung. If you're at Min's place could you open the door please? I can't seem to find his spare key anywhere outside..." And Yunho and rushed to the door and found Yoochun smiling at him, piggy back a sleeping Changmin. He breathed a relieve sigh.

"Thank god." Yunho's shoulder slumped and he allowed Yoochun to step in.
"That idiot kid. I'll make sure he get an earful tomorrow." Yunho grumbled and closed the door.

Yoochun laughed. "Hello to you too Yunho-hyung." He greeted his old leader and immediately head to Changmin's room, Yunho followed behind.

"It's been awhile Yoochun." Yunho watched as Yoochun skillfully passed through the mess in Changmin's bedroom and dropped the boy onto the mattress.

"Yes, how have you been hyung?" Yoochun asked as he took off Changmin's shoes and jacket before dug into a drawer and pulled out a long sleeves pj top to replace the maknae's dirty tank top.

"The same. You've been here before haven't you?" Yunho questioned leaning against the threshold, an amuse smile tugged his lip.

"I assumed Changmin never talk about me to you then." Yoochun slid off the boy's sweat pants and covered him with the fluffy blanket before tugging him in.

"Nope. I thought he was angry at you after our split and he hasn't talk about you guys in a while." Yunho shook his head.

"He hated me the first year." Yoochun placed another kiss on Changmin's head and stood up, walking out with Yunho.
"But I think I still got my charm with younger boys," Yoochun gave a greasy smile at Yunho and making the older one laughed too.

"Nah. Probably just Changmin."

"Well I am perfectly fine with that," Yoochun smiled. Both were glad that the atmosphere between them wasn't awkward like they had always imagined.

"I guess I should go now." Yoochun glanced at the clock and Yunho frowned.

"Walking? Where do you live? I'll drive you home."

"It's fine hyung, you should go to sleep. I have a late schedule tomorrow so I'll live. Beside you have to watch that troublemaker right?"

"Yea..." Yunho walked Yoochun out of the door but held his arm back. As if knowing what the other one Yoochun enveloped his hyung into a hug. 

"How are you guys doing?"

"We're the same hyung. Jaejoong-hyung--"

"I'll sort out things with him. Now go," Yunho patted his back with a smile.
"Tell Junsu we missed him too."

"Sure will hyung."

"Take care, Chun-ah"

Yoochun gave a final wave and closed the door. He was dead tired. In reality, he had just finished his shoot when he saw Changmin's text. He also had an early shoot in a few hours but he really didn't regret this at all.

It was nice to know the bond between them can still be salvage.


"Hey, what's wrong?" It was during his break from another drama shooting of his that Changmin had called him unexpectedly. They usually texted and so the call got Yoochun worry.


“I love you.” Was what he said instead, chasing all of Yoochun's fatigue away with just a sentence.

"I love you too." Yoochun smiled, catching the attention of everyone on the set. "Hm I'll see you later."
He ended the call and began to do his damage control as he explained to everyone.
"My dongseang was feeling affectionate you see"

Well technically not a lie. But of course Changmin was more than just a younger brother to him.

"I never know Yoohwan had a brother complex." And Yoochun laughed at this statement.

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