Double Date

More... Than Just Friends?

So here we are. Me and Junhyung, walking side by side, hands bristling against each other from time to time. We're barely doing anything. We're not joking around, we're not talking, HECK! Who knows? You could mistake us for not breathing right now! We have blank stares, making everyone around us think we're retards. Do you want to know why we're like this? Yeah. That's right.




Yup. Remember yesterday? Apparantly, he overheard my conversation with Junhyung, and NOW, he wants to have a double date with his girfriend and us. I mean, we're not even going on a date. Junhyung and I are just two friends, wanting to hang out and get to know each other better. I mean, I wouldn't mind if Jonghyun just wanted to tag along. But, did he really need to bring his girfriend? Does he not even have the slightest clue that I like him? Sigh. This friend I have.

He's stupid....

But I still love him.

Yup, so you're probably asking, how is this making us akward. Well, if you haven't noticed, the idiot couple is behind us, watching our every move, basically like stalkers. I mean everytime, we try to talk about something in private, the two would stupidly stick their heads into our conversation. When Junhyung pats my forehead or pinches my cheeks, the idiot would give him piercing death glares. Everytime our hands accidently touch each other, Jonghyun would kick Junhyung's . Like literally, he would KICK his .

This is absolutely absurd. I mean, what right does that dinohead have to do this? I mean, he can have a girlfriend, but I can't even have a friend that's a BOY?  I mean what the hell? This is stupid. My social life is crumbling because of this jerkface. I know Jonghyun promised Key to protect me while he was in the US but seriously, this was too much. I mean, yeah, Key is overprotective, but he wouldn't go this far. He'd basically just eye the guy, and give him a STRICT warning not to mess with me. NOT become a total stalker.

Anyways, back to our so called 'double date'. I should just call it that since Jonghyun won't believe me when I say we're hanging out. We're on our way to the new cafe. I really want to try their cakes there. I heard from some girls in my class that they specialize in their pastries.

"Ladies first." Junhyung held the door open for me. That was nice of him.

"Why thankyo---" I was about to go in but Jonghyun, cut me off and went inside dragging Sekyung along with him.

"Thanks man. C'mon babe. There's a seat right there." He nonchalontly said.

"Ooooookkkk. Umm..... Let's go." I dragged Junhyung along inside and we sat down opposite of the other two. The waitress walked to us, taking out her note pad, getting ready to write down our order.

"Welcome to our Cafe. What may you like to order?"

"Umm. I'll have the pastry sampler please. Ohh, and mocha frappe." I answered right away. I looked up their menu online so I would know exactly what I wanted. The pastry sampler would is a little bit of all the pastries they have. I couldn't decide what I wanted  so I thought this would be the perfect choice.

The other three ordered and we just layed back on our chair. There was an awkward vibe in the air. Sekyung decided to break the tension by starting up a conversation.

[Junhyung's POV]

I noticed that there was tension in the room. I mean, it was really REALLY awkward. I was glad when Sekyung started a conversation.

"Soooo. When did you two meet?" She glanced seductively at me from the corner of her eye. *No thank you . Seriously, how can that dinohead over there not notice Sekyung is a cheater? Oh yeah. That's right. Because he's stupid. He can't even tell that his bestfriend likes him.* I snapped out of my thought and answered her question.

"Ohh. Um... well." I eyed ChoonHe giving her a hint if it was ok to tell them. She nodded. "Ohh. Well, remember when ChoonHe was in the hospital? I was the one who brought her there. So I guess you can call me her knight and shining armor." I playfully winked at ChoonHe sending glares from Jonghyun.

"Aww that's so sweet. So I was just wondering, are together?" Sekyung asked with a fake smile. *Seriously Babe. It's obvious you're pissed off. Such a fake.* I noticed Jonghyun stopping his glares and looking intently at ChoonHe as if hoping she would say no. *Does he? It can't be. He's dating someone right now.* I was about to answer when the angel right next to me answered. Her cheeks slowly turning into a tomato red color.

"A-a-aniyo!! We're just friends. Seriously." I don't know why but just hearing her say that, it felt like I was being stabbed in the back. I sighed to myself remembering she liked that idiot. *But can't we be more than that? More than just friends?*

I snapped out of my thoughts, when the food came. Yup, I heard sweets always make a broken heart feel better. This'll be good ChoonHe....

For the both of us.



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Chapter 41: Hahahaha, love the part when JongHyun said he hate JunHyung cause their names are alike XDD
And of course not forgetting the ending ^^ Super sweet~ And LOL at Key~ Haha :))
didzzz #2
done at last!
took jonghyun a whole lot of time to finally realize his feelings. . but yay! at last!

great fic!
timeofmylife03 #3
Ong. This is like, so awesome! Gaaaahhhh<3
notelights #4
Love this fanfic! :D Love your other stories too. :D HAHA Jonghyun is so cute in this story. ^_^ Poor Junhyung though. :(
I finished this story in two days! Kyaa I wanted more kissing.
[deactivated] #6
I'm so subscribing to your new one :)
LOLOLOL you told Curly-Oppa to go on AFF TOO?
I find it funny how you update in the middle of nowhere just to tell us you have a new fanfiction. AHAHAHAH.<br />
<br />
I'll read it.
curlyfriesLOL #9
Yet another story?<br />
<br />
AHAHAHA. You're gonna get eyebags because you're so busy.
elisha960809 #10
WAHHHH! YOUR DEBUT STORY! IM SO GONNA READ IT, LOLLLLL! myy debut story cows' balls, its not even funny. BUT I BET YOURS' IS GOOD:DDDDDDD yayyyy, lol!xP love the plot;)