The Story Of The Oppressed





                                                    they are innocent.

                            they don't deserve this.

                                       who are they to do this to them?

               who are they to mock them?

                                               to others they were nothing

                  but to some they are something

                                                         but in reality?

                             alot say they are no one.






so i was so bored and have nothing to do so i came up with this story and i made it for like 15 minutes so i'm sorry if it's too short or too fast. maybe if i'm not too busy i'll make a sequel if many demands /smiles/ anyway thanks for visiting and reading this fanfic i hope you enjoy!

and i like how the little summary above turns out to be a little bit too strong i guess? i hope with the main chapter, it'll give justice to the summary :D



thank you for the poster and bg ♥

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