Polar Light Noona [English]


"Of hundreds of camera, Byun Baekhyun... why her?" 



Disclaimer: I don't own the story. Story belongs to Hangukffindo. Original story is here. No profit made from this fictional work and the translation.


Geez, i'm sorry this project was kind of neglected for study, but now it's done, guys. Enjoy~!

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Chapter 1: I think I’ve read before because the title seems so familiar to me.
Too bad he cannot end up with her :(
blublue #2
Chapter 1: Laah.. Kalimat terakhir sad...
Kukira ini bakal fluffy-fluffy rainbow(sedikit)
Xoloverisa #3
Chapter 1: Ini kemanisan author-nim (^ム^)
Btw, aku belum baca ff aslinya. Tapi, bener bener deh, englishnya aja bagus gini, apalagi bahasa ibu sendiri. Hihi.
Jadi kangen Polar Light >< dia lama hiatus.

I wonder Polar Light Noona read this fanfics ❤❤ so fluff
Chapter 1: Omo omo so sadddd! Reality is really cruel right. I know about polar light just about few days ago and i wonder why am i so late when my bias has such lovely fan that always eye contact with him.
i ship them!!!
diadhees #5
Chapter 1: Awesome!!!!!!!! >♡<
strawberrymarshmalow #6
Chapter 1: Ok, I can't think properly now. This is awesome! No, no, more than awesome. I wonder if the real polar right noona read this...what would her reaction be? Ok ok >< i feel touched.
Chapter 1: this is....
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 1: omgomgomg, i am so touched ><
oshkjixoxo #9
fluff fluff dimana manaa..
waahh english ver. gak kalah maniis sama indo ver nya.
sukaa (y)
yeoljja #10
Chapter 1: so fluffy. i'm happy reading this.

what do you think if the real polar light noona read this ?