Your Endless Presence


Kris never knows that his presence is something she holds on to until she wakes up from her dream—her nightmare.  


Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. EXO © SM-Entertainment. IU © Loen-Entertainment. This story is written by me. Inspired by a novel called Paradox Magy


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yeoljja #1
Chapter 1: update soon please~~

ah, i like this.
uaenaland #2
Chapter 1: Omg so sad ..... :'(
exofriend_INA #3
Chapter 1: Death chara? Ughhh~ *almost crying* i'm not ready for it, but i love this story..simple with one scene and the ending dorrr i love you too duizhang hahaha *running*

maaf inggrisku acakadut amuuu~
Chapter 1: Ahh I need more :c speciallyy because it's krisu like finally <3
Chapter 1: Now I'm wondering what's the reason that Jieun has schyzoprenia.

Subscribing because it's krisu. <3
aiyufangirls #6
Chapter 1: Update soon and make it happy ending authornim u.u
LittLEpONNY #7
Chapter 1: upadate soon authornim~~