Oh! Darling


"He wanted her, he'd never tell

Secretly she wanted him as well"

                                   -Avril Lavigne


"I'm not good enough for her"


He's sitting at the corner of the cafe, looking outside the window. Sometimes, he'll staring the food that had been served around half an hour ago. He's not there to eat, but he's there, everyday, to meet this beautiful, well-mannered girl. She seems great with ponytail and an apron she wore. 



Author's talk...(pfft, no one ever read this)

Hi...I'm back again with another oneshot. So, this fic is totally dedicated to my friend (i know she's reading) because she really obsessed with 'that' Shim Hyun Seong. She always subscribed and commented at all my fic and here it is, a fic for you!

And for the readers, I hope you enjoy reading this (so your time isn't wasted) fanfiction. I just got inspiried after listening a song in my friend's blog. If you would like to hear that song, I'll leave the link below :)


ps : don't you think the title is too cheesy? 


OH DARLING_ Plug In Stereo

poster by : -natsukim @autumn graphic shop



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Chapter 1: you`re the best ~
Chapter 1: wow!!! its so beautiful....
thank *sniffs* you !!! I can't wait !! ^^