Part of Me

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Being physically blind is a hard thing. Everything you can do is based on your own imagination. Colours can be named and described to you, but the most you can do is imagine those beautiful colours. Places of wonders can be the most picturesque you have ever heard. But then again, a blind person sees with his heart. And there is always a companion to provide help and support.

Yet, being blind, not physically  but mentally, is a harder thing to endure. A war within oneself to see what may be there is not easy to win. I experienced this blindness until he came into my life.


Written for ; i. xingcha; for recommending good LayHan fics

                  ii. luludeery; for writing amazing LayHan fics (im a big fan OTL) 

Credit ; [email protected] graphics for the splendid poster! 





TITLE : Part of Me

CHARACTERS : Luhan and Yixing

SUMMARY : Luhan writes about Yixing, and how it all started.


DATE ENDED : 260215



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Chapter 2: Holy crap, holy crap, HOLY CRAP. I'm crying, why? I didn't expect the thing of Yixing being a ghost :"c am done with this, I can't live with this T^T Miss Author, that was so rude (nah, I'm lying I liked this) my feels for Layhan are so sensitive now :B
parvitasari #2
Chapter 2: So sad, huaaaaaa.. i'm crying now.. how could you author nim?? Oh my heart..
Chapter 2: i was so excited i didn't even notice "angst" tag!!!!!!!!!!
why are you doing this to me????? /cry in my corner/
i need a happy version of this!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_______________T
i hardly read angst with sad ending
anw thanks for writing this for me. (are you trying to break my heart or something? sobs hard)
Chapter 2: hwaaaaaaa you are so mean (but beautiful)
you let me cry with this! hwaaaaaa...
my Layhan!!!
Wow this looks good
exaltedwithmcdo #6
Chapter 1: Interesting!!! I wonder what happens next .... please update soon... I'm on the edge of my seat hehe I can't wait, so excited ♡ ♡ ♡
Chapter 1: come with the next chapter please soon... please please plase