Friendship and secrets.

"Alright I’ll see you tonight then I guess." Minzy said with full as she stood by the door
"Yeah probably I’ll text you once I come home." Bom said and hugged Minzy. "See ya." And she left.
Minzy was home alone after a long time. Dara went to a photo shoot she had with her brother, and Chaerin went shopping the entire day with their stylist for new performance clothes. And Bom had to go rehearsal with GD and TOP ofcourse.
Minzy quickly finished her cereal and jumped in the shower. She thought about last night performance at Melon.
It was just great.

After the shower she went to her room and opened her closet
She already decided what to wear last night so she quickly got her clothes out and got dressed.
She did her hair and make-up and looked for a big hat and big sunglasses to hide her face a bit.
After finishing her look she took one more look in the mirror and thought: I just hope he likes this…
She went downstairs and looked outside, she saw the taxi she ordered already waiting outside.
She walked outside and hopped in the taxi.
After telling the driver her destination with a fast beating heart, the taxi drove off.

After 20 minutes she arrived at her destination.
It was a beautiful hotel.
She paid the taxi driver and went inside.
She entered the lobby and went to the reception. "Hello, eehm Gong Minzy checking in."
She took out her passport and showed it to receptionist. "Miss Gong Minji, welcome back here is your key, and enjoy your stay."
"Thank you." She took her key and went to the elevator. She pressed the button and the elevator went up.
Her heart was now pounding faster and faster.
She arrived at her floor and got out of the elevator.
She searched for her door and once she found it, she entered. It was a cosy room. With a TV a dining table and a small kitchen.
She looked at her phone. It was only 1:30. She had to wait another half hour.

She took off her shoes and her jacket and sat on the bed and the television.

At exactly 2 ‘o clock she heard a knock on the door.
She startled, and because of this her heart was now beating at its fastest rate.
She walked to the door and slightly opened it.
And then she saw his face and a smile appeared on her own face.

"Hey…" She said shyly and let the boy in.
"Hello my beautiful princess." He hugged Minzy and she hugged him back
"Right on time Dae."
"Of course I wouldn’t want to miss a second of this day." Daesung looked at her "you look beautiful."
Minzy laughed shyly. "Come in I ordered sushi, I thought you might be hungry."
They walked inside the room, Minzy wanted to enter the kitchen but Daesung grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him. "Later…" He said
She hid her face on his chest "Dae…" She said softly
"Hey don’t be shy… it’s me."
Minzy nodded and looked at him, she felt her heart pounding so fast as their faces got closer and closer to each other… and finally their lips met. It was a strong passionate kiss full of love and joy.
Minzy put her arms around Daesungs neck and kept on kissing him. And he pulled her waist closer to his.
They broke the kiss to get some air. But they kept on hugging.
"Come, lets lay down and tell me about your day…" Daesung said as they made their way to the bed, and laid next to each other in each other’s arms.
"Well I had a free day, I was just waiting for it to turn 2 o’clock" Minzy said with a cute smile.
"Yeah, me to, I couldn’t leave the house earlier, Youngbae didn’t leave until 1 o’clock. pretty frustrating."
Minzy laughed. "Well we are together now, even of it is just for 2 hours."
"Don’t say that… it makes me depressed." Daesung looked sad at Minzy
"Don’t give me that look." Minzy laughed
But he kept on giving her the look.
"Ya! Stop it… how can I make you laugh again?"
"eehmm you can… do your funny faces!" Daesung said excited
"Ain’t gonna happen!" Minzy gave him a ‘talk to the hand’ gesture "But I know another way to make you laugh." She said with a tempting voice and looked him deep in the eyes.
"And what’s that?"
Their faces got closer and closer… Minzy pulled her body closer to his and the moment he wanted to kiss her full lips she screamed: "TICKLE ATTACK!" and she tickled his belly
Daesung tried to tickle her back but she moved her body on his and was now sitting on him she just tickled him further.
"PLEASEE MINZYY STOP HAHAHAHA STOOHOOPP WHOEHOAHAHAHAH!" He finally got a grab of her hands and he immediately took her position. He was now on top of her. But he did not tickle her. He only looked at her with a cute smile.
"What?" Minzy asked
"Nothing, you are just amazing."
"You have to stop saying that…" Minzy turned red again
He put his body on hers and he gave her small kiss on the lips. Minzy went wild inside… everything about him she wanted at that moment. His hair, his face, the way he smelled everything was just amazing.
She felt his six pack pressing against her belly. And she wanted him, right here and right now.
"How do you feel?" Daesung asked
She felt hot and out of control but she had to stay by her senses "Dae, I love you… but you know I can’t… just not yet."
"I’m sorry." He said quickly and got up "That was not my intention… I swear." He looked a bit worried at Minzy.
"It’s oke…" She got up and grabbed his hands "I trust you." And they kissed again.

They were sitting on the dining table and Minzy was laughing at Daesung’s jokes.
They opened their sushi boxes and started to eat.
"Do you think anyone would notice we are dating?" Minzy asked
"No I don’t think so… but I am getting out of stories to tell the guys about where I’m at." Daesung said and took a bite from his sushi.
"Me to, the girls and I, we always tell each other what we are going to do and I always feel so bad lying to them." Minzy took a bite off her sushi
"You shouldn’t worry… it has been four months now and nobody has a clue yet?" Daesung said with his mouth full.
"I know but still…" Minzy was cut by Daesung.
"I know what you mean… the feeling of lying towards your friends, having to do sneaky all the time."
"Not only that…" Minzy said and she stood up to sit on Daesungs lap. She put her arms around his neck and looked at him "also about the fact that I am overly happy in love and I can’t share it with anyone."
Daesung swallowed his sushi "You can share it with me right?" he said with a cute smile and their foreheads met.
"Your so cute!" Minzy pinched in Daesungs cheek
"Hey stop that"
Minzy smiled "It just would be better if it was out in the open you know?"
"Yeah I understand… but that time will come, I promise…"
Minzy sighed… "I would just be hurt if I figured out that one of the other girls would be dating without telling me…" She kept on looking Daesung in the eyes "and here I am.. doing it myself."
Daesung nodded "Listen… if you want to tell your friends then when can tell your friends… and I will tell mine."
But Minzy shook her head "no…" she sighed "What would everybody think about me? The youngest is the one who is dating the first?"
Daesung looked at the ground "I feel guilty."
"No! don’t! please…" Minzy tried to make eye contact "I don’t mean it like that…"
"I should’ve just left you alone…"
"Please don’t say that!" their eyes met again. "Please? I want this to right?"
Daesung sighed "I’m sorry.."
"Don’t ever be sorry for loving me oke?" Minzy kissed his forehead
Daesung nodded "I’m here for you… and if you want to tell anybody about us, I will agree…"
Minzy nodded "But what about you?" She asked
"What about me?"
"Don’t you want to tell?"
"Of course I do…" Daesung smiled a bit "They are my friends and everything, and they got my back, I know that they would support me no matter what." He stopped for a minute and continued "But you know… we agreed on not telling, so we are not going to tell…"
"Sure?" Minzy felt a bit guilty
"Really sure" Daesung said and grabbed a sushi to give it to Minzy, when Minzy wanted to bite it he pulled it away
"Hey! Give me sushi!" Minzy laughed
"First a kiss" Daesung made kiss faces and his eyebrows went up and down
Minzy laughed at his faces "haha fine." And she gave him a tiny kiss
"That’s all?" Daesung asked "No sushi for you…"
"I’ll give you a bigger kiss if you give me the sushi…" Minzy teased
"Hmm… fine…" and he gave the sushi to Minzy

After they finished their sushi they talked for another hour and played a couple of funny games.
It didn’t care Minzy that she was not in a fancy restaurant with him, or that he didn’t took her to the movies.
She was happy just to be with him, to be in his presence no matter where they were of what they were doing.
She had an unconditional love for her Dae.

"Dae I really have to go… Dara will be home in a hour!" Minzy laughed
"No you can’t go!" Daesung hugged her really tight "please don’t go" he said with a singing voice.
It made Minzy giggle, but then she turned serious again "Dae please don’t make this harder than it already is?
Daesung pouted "I’m going to miss you my princess…"
"I’ll miss you to.."

After a long kiss she broke the hug and left. Back to reality.



So, what you think?? Any Daemin Shippers out there?? hihi

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Chapter 34: Oh Seungri, you really love your por...ehm baseball, don't you?
mypetconcubine #2
I've read this all in one sitting. Great story.
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 34: That baseball thing about seungri... It was what gd said in strong heart in NY, is it?;) the skydragon topbom and Darayang is perfect:)
Chapter 34: Awww Finally. Jiyong be a man and told YG and all the rest members about his rls with CL! I was waiting so long for this moment to come. And the Ending is just so GOOD! seungri always be seungri. funny and so cuteee. haha. Thanks for this awesome story.
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Chapter 5: im a daemin, daragon, ririn, and topbom shipper...this is great!! hahaha even though it has skydragon and darayang..
Chapter 34: Hahahah. This is so cute, finally everyone got to be together :'D and Seungri, I AM YOUR FUTURE WIFEEEEEEEE! /runs like a buffalo towards a terrified seungri/ and everyone's having it going on..... except for the innocent minji and a waiting daesung. Hahahah. The only pet peeve I have here is the usage of oppa, unnie, noona and hyung. For example, you still make bom call seunghyun oppa even when he's obviously calling bom noona. And when BB called 2NE1 unnie...... it's just....... I cant.......
But aside from that and some grammatical errors, the rest is fine :D
Cutr story. Loved the ending for skydragon especially and seungri's randomness. I also gotta givr some lovr to Daemin. I approve! <3 so many moments unlike most fanfics. What i didnt approvr of was the use of "unnies, noonas and oppas".... Like when you made big bang call 2ne1 "unnies" and other examples. Besides that, i enjoyed reading this story. :)
Aigoo that was a cute ending :)
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Woops~ AMAZING!! xD
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Update soon, please. ^^