My Promise
"Yep~!" You both stand up and exit the SM building. You both wandered around the park when you saw another couple sitting on the swing set. You saw the guy get on one knee and the girl gasp with excitement. "Look!! He’s going to propose! How sweet!" You say happily. "What if she says no?" Luhan asks innocently. "Why would she do that? Oh~ I can’t wait until I get married… One of those fairtytale proposals." You say as you drift off into your imagination. "I’m sorry." Luhan says abruptly, interrupting your daydream. "For what? What happened?" "I’m sorry I can’t marry you right now. I know you want to and with your level of patience, you might leave for someone who can grant your wishes." "That’s just silly! I wouldn’t leave you because you can’t marry me now… Just as long as you promise to eventually." You peck him on the cheek and rest your head on his shoulder as you two continue to walk around. You hold his arm tightly and sigh. "I love you, so please get that through your pretty little head. I’m not going to leave the person I love for such a silly reason. Patience may not be my strongest point but my common sense isn’t that bad." "Alright, I’ll keep it in mind." Luhan turns to kiss you head and you pull away, kissing him lightly on the lips. "Promise you’ll wait. I will marry you… Just not now." "I promise." You smile and kiss each other once more before finally heading home.
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Chapter 1: :)
Never mind I this is slice of life
I just saw baby Luhan.
I'm soft XD
Iminthezone #3
Chapter 1: Short and sweet