My Promise
Patience (Luhan) You sat on the floor of the SM practice room as you waited for Luhan’s practice to end. You grabbed his backpack and rummaged around for something to play with. Among his “learn Korean” books and snacks was his rubix cube. You pulled it out and admired how all the colors were in their rightful positions. You mixed up the colors and decided to try it. Luhan always made it look easy. You played with it for a long time and you just couldn’t figure it out. You angrily set it down beside you and looked up to watch the guys practice. But instead of seeing the backs of the members, you saw Luhan smiling down at you. "Give up already?" You nod and he sits beside you. "Here let me see it." He takes a look and lets out an ‘ahh~’! "See you have to change this to make this pattern." He rotates the sections and you’re already lost. "Do it slower! I can’t see…" He laughs and puts the cube in your hands, then places his own over yours. "Turn this one." He guides your hand as he turns the first section. "Then you turn this to the left… And this down." "I give up! I don’t get it…" You pout and gently toss the cube into his lap. He laughs and starts solving it effortlessly. "Why~?" You whine and lie down. He sets the cube on your stomach and you grab it. "How in the world—?" "Practice but more importantly, patience. Something you happen to lack." He smiles and you frown, gently whacking his shoulder. "It’s not that I have no patience, I’m just living a faster paced life." "That doesn’t make a difference, my dear." He laughs and kisses your cheek. You smile and kiss him back. "Ready to go?"
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Chapter 1: :)
Never mind I this is slice of life
I just saw baby Luhan.
I'm soft XD
Iminthezone #3
Chapter 1: Short and sweet