My Heart, Only For You


Meng Jia are one of Bang Cheolyong childhood friend. They were best friend and they attend the same school until now. So they knew each other for a long time. They has same skill, so they in the same class. More of event that makes them close to each other. More and More comes one after another. They didn't who's behind it.. They didn't noticed s/he were taking so much step just for broke their friendship. But s/he didn't know, that her/his plan just make their bond stronger




-Meng Jia-



- One of the talented rapper on her class

- Always thinking she's the worst

- One of Bang Cheolyong & Jung Jinwoon childhood friend and best friend

- Besides of those two boys, Lee Min Young was her best friend in her class

- Bae Suzy and Wang Feifei was her best friend from different class

- Her Unique voice makes people amazed

- Very popular among boys



-Bang Cheolyong (Mir)-



- One of the active student in the class

- Talanted rapper among his friend

- Meng Jia & Jung Jinwoon best friend and childhood friend

- Yang Seungho, Lee Changsun, Jung Byunghee & Park Sanghyun was his best friend but they were in different class

- Has a big crush on one woman, Kim Taeyeon



-Kim Taeyeon-



- The only woman that Bang Cheolyong liked

- Sweet and Talanted woman

- Never harmed people

- Cute and Sweet

- Very popular girl

- Never liked one of her fanboys because she was engaged with someone

- Nobody knew her fiance because she never talked about it



-Jung Jinwoon-



- Very talanted guitar player

- Had a soft and beautiful voice that makes people attracted at it

- Bang Cheolyong & Meng Jia's best friend and childhood friend

- Always knew that Jia has a crush on Mir, because Jia likes to share story about Mir when Mir wasn't around




And Many Other Character


My love for my childhood friend grew bigger. I know he wouldn't like me... I know he had another person on his heart... But It doesn't stop me for loving him... I wish I could send this message to him, "Maybe I'm not as pretty as that girl... Maybe I'm not talanted as her.. But can you please realized that you are the one and only guy that was placed on my heart?"

-Meng Jia's Diary


All this time, I only liked one girl.. She is my type.. Beautiful.. Talanted.. And Cute.. But why I felt so much pain when my childhood friend cried? I couldn't possibly liked her... She is just a woman who is 2 years elder than me.. Then why? Why my heart felt a pain when she cried? I didn't felt so painful when the only girl I liked cried

-Bang Cheolyong


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