"Hello! I bet your thinking who am i right?" a girl said in front of her video camera

"Who are you talking too?" asked the girl behind her

"Keep quiet! I'm going to tell them our love story!"

"Love story, eh? So you're going to tell them how you fall in love with me?"

"Your so full of yourself!"

"Of course not! I'm just telling them the truth!"

"Whatever! Anyways, i would like to tell you our story, a very romantic love story between two people with two different worlds"

"Aisht, you sound weird!"

"Shut up! Don't mind her.. Where was i?"

"Your telling them our love story.."

"Oh yeah right, thanks sweetie.. I hope you guys will like this.. Let me start on how we first met.."

"Hey have you seen where i put my sports bra?"

"Aigoo! Your ruining my video!

End of recording


Have you been in love? Like you can't stop yourself from thinking of that someone? Bugging your mind night and day? Making some weird and funny felling in your tummy? They say use your mind not your heart but when LOVE knocks, can you still say 'I'm never gonna fall in love again'..



Hi there again! Hmm i'm starting my new fan fic because my other story Will You Wait for Me? will soon end =). i hope you support this new fan fic of mine.. Thanks everyone! Enjoy!


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che21lo15 #1
Chapter 32: Oh I miss it so I re read it again I cant get enough pls hope you will update soon the bodyguard 2...pls
che21lo15 #2
Chapter 32: Well ill be waiting for the update of the body guard 2.0 hope you will finish the story tnx
che21lo15 #3
Chapter 32: Very funny and romantic story...hope the next story will also be more nice and most romantic and ended well....
Aigoo its my bday and this is a recomended one by my master so ill fully enjoy reading this...the beginning was so funny aigoo hahaha thanks in advance authornim :-)
bittersweetlover #5
Chapter 32: Nice story... I hope you'll update bodyguard 2.0 though... It's been ages!!!
This sounds a little insane but this is my 4th time reading bodyguard... but its just sitting there on the list of stories when im checking for updates so i cant help it
Chapter 32: Funny,lots of action. Its like Charlies 'Chaera' Angels. I love it. Thanx 4 sharing. N look forward for your another story. ^_^
Chapter 32: this the second time i'm reading this and it's really great story...
huskylover #9
Chapter 32: my fav fic right now hehe ^^
keep on your good work author-nim.
You worked hard ^^