It Hurts


Hellooooo :D this is a JinDy one shot. I don't know why but when it comes to Jindy, IM OVERFLOWING WITH IDEAS! But For Ricsung, my mind went blank. Please enjoy!

I'm sorry guys I deleted the Woodong story because I . BUT,ANOTHER JINDY STORY COMING! I feel that in this website lack of JinDy stories.


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SHCJForever #1
Chapter 2: first time in my fanfic life have I ever seen a vey big twist :o just reading this makes my whole body twist xC I love it!
Chapter 1: I really liked this story so far! Its funny (which everyone loves a funny book) yet mysterious and romantic-ish. You added detail which is great, it really got me into the book. Jay Park eh ;)

Can you read my story too?! ;u;