Hyesung's nightmare with Fanfics


Hi! I'm back with my crappy writing skills again!

and warning...your forehead might turn red from facepalming. Multiple times.


What happens when Hyesug starts reading Fanfics?


(WARNING: crappy)

Risk reading,lol.


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Chapter 1: AHH this was so funny! Hyesung was being shy to admit reading fanfics, and here Eric is like 'I like reading fanfics everyday, especially the M ones!' loved this, good job!^^
Teukiemomo #2
Chapter 1: OMG I laugh my head off while reading this fiction hahahaha... Hyesung ssi, if you only read fanfics for relaxation, you shouldn't have let yourself be obsessed like that xD I wonder what kind of reaction you would have if you read RicSyung rated fic xD
Thanks for writing such a cute and funny story. I want to ask you if I could translate this story of yours into Vietnamese, 'cause I love this and want to share it to Vietnamese fans. If you accept, I will send you the link of the translation with your translation :)
Looking forward to your answer :)
Chapter 1: Oho i really think what will happen if shinhwa members actually, in real life, reading their fanfic, especially M rated one haha...
So funny and entertaining story. Thank you for your good job, author-nim~
jun-kified #4
Chapter 1: HAHAHA this is so cute!
Chapter 1: hahaha that was pretty entertaining~ nice one! :)
shinjaejong #6
Chapter 1: Hahaha nice gift to our Shy Prince....
Chapter 1: Haha! Daebak!! ^^
feelgyo #8
Chapter 1: Huhahahhaha...
Oh, my poor aching-stomach *while laughing so hard*.. xD
This is hilarious! Now, I imagining 'things between them' too..why I found hyesung is so cute here?
Oh, I love their interaction here author-nim, seems real ^^
Thank you for ur story ^^
Chapter 1: I can imagine it happen in reality.. that will be daebak.. this is great and funny ^^
Chapter 1: Oh my hahahahahahahaha
this is sooo funny...
Hope Hyesung give eric spare for his life kkk