Agent Hyoyeon II


Agent Hyoyeon is back with a new mission. In this mission, she needs to protect the president’s only daughter.  But during her mission, she met her ex-husband well not formally ex-husband which happened to be Super Junior Eunhyuk. How will she protect the daughter of the president when she also needs to protect her daughter?


Main Characters:

Agent Hyoyeon – Former Agent Hyoyeon but needs to go back as an agent for a special mission.

Eunhyuk – Member of Super Junior and Hyoyeon’s ex-husband (not formally).

Agent Onew – Hyoyeon’s best friend and partner in every mission. He is also Agent Bom’s husband.

Agent Siwon – A new agent and he is one of the great new agents in Warrior Goddess Co. Seoul Branch and also one of the members of Super Junior.


Other Characters:

Super Junior

Hyori – Eunhyuk & Hyoyeon’s daughter.

Go Ara – President’s daughter and she is in great danger.

WGCo. Seoul Branch:

Seung Hyun – The director of WGCo. Seoul Branch. He is also Professor Dara’s husband.

Agent Tiffany – Agent Siwon’s partner and also one of the new agents.

Agent Taemin – Youngest agent in Warrior Goddess Co.

WGCo. London Branch:

BoA – Former agent but she is now the director of WGCo. London Branch. She is like an unnie to Hyoyeon. She trained Agent Hyoyeon, Agent CL and Agent Bom.

Agent Bom – Agent Onew’s wife. She based in London so she lives alone there while her husband is in South Korea.

Agent Emma

Agent Hyung Jun

Agent Geun Young

And More Guests Will Appear


Annyeong Hasaeyo! This is the part 2 of Agent Hyoyeon which I wrote few months ago. For the new readers, hope ou read first the part 1 before you read this because this is the continuation of part 1. And for the readers of Agent Hyoyeon hope you read the part 2.


Hope all of you have a great time reading this.



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Chapter 21: Happy ending :D
LoveDoori #2
Chapter 13: Why is my favorite person is a bad person ;(
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I love it!. Can you make part 3??? :)
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love it!
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Suddenly a ending, but is a happy ending ... Thanks so much ~~~
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Yeah1 Finally HyoHyuk's happy family.<br />
Thank you for a nice story.<br />
I enjoy that much.