Who Are You?


How far would you go to protect the person you love?

Choi Cho Ara, is an heiress worth billions of pounds, one of the richest girls in South Korea. But instead of embracing the rich lifestyle she could be leading, Ara tries to keep her wealth a secret so that she can be a relatively normal girl, and also for her own safety.


There are people who want to kill her. There are people who will do anything to kidnap her in the hope of stealing her money and her Father’s business. When the handsome but mysterious Kim Jongin moves next door to her apartment, Ara thinks he’s just going to be another added problem to her list. But when he saves her from an attack late at night, Ara begins to rely on his protection more than she should.

But the biggest question of all is…

Who is Kim Jongin?


~Choi Cho Ara


"You tease me and come out with all these sharp comebacks when I tease you, instead of trying to act all cute. You brought me pork dumplings when I moved in and now you’re here, with me, at four o clock in the morning when you have college in a few hours, just so we can have some fun.  These things are telling me you might just be someone special.”

When someone tells you you're special you start to believe it. You could know you are the most boring person, know you have the most mundae life, but if the right person looks you in the eyes and tells you there is no one like you in this entire world, you believe it.

Even if he is lying.



~Kim Jongin


"It's in our DNA to fall for the person who rescues us. I told myself that's why I relied on Jongin so much. He had shown me he could save me once, it made sense to be drawn to him, to his strength. I told myself that's why we became insperable, that I just needed his safety.

Now I tell myself I was lying.

I didn't need his protection.

I just needed him."



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"So if in there,” He tapped my chest, “Can trust me. Then why can’t up here,” He tapped my head, “Give me that same trust?”


This is Jeojadu with my first fan fiction!

I hope that you will enjoy it and I will try my best.

I promise you there will be lots of twists and turns and heart stopping moments.

Please give this fanfiction a try...




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Chapter 45: Please comeback to us authoooor!
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Chapter 45: Its been 2 years...
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Chapter 45: please update ?????????
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Chapter 45: OMG please update , I just started reading this and it took me two hours but I love this story already >.<
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ilovekorea37 #9
Chapter 45: are you going to update?? the exo m boys just got back.....
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