The fight

which way?

Jessica look around the cafeteria to spot Taeyeon. This is the second day Taeyeon missing. She hoped Taeyeon would show because she missed her so much. She tried to call and message taeyeon but her phone always off. Jessica’s fear creeping inside her heart. What if Taeyeon’s parents killed her? What if they beat her again and Taeyeon’s leg broken? So many what if going inside her head. Jessica look around once again and spotted Yuri. She dash to Yuri and asking for Taeyeon’s condition.

“Yuri, where is Taeyeon? Why did she missed her class? Why can’t I called her?” Jessica asked Yuri rapidly. Yuri closed her eyes and sighed heavily. Yuri look at Jessica and try to talk but she could feel her tears coming out so she look down and shake her head. Jessica look at Yuri’s expression and the fear feeling creeping once again, she could feel her heart squeezed. She shake Yuri looking for answer. She ask again this time her voice wavering.

“Why are you shaking your head? Answer my questions! Yuri, Taeyeon alive right? Right?!” Jessica gripped Yuri’s shoulder tightly. Yuri take a deep breath and clear .

“Taeyeon is in her parents’ house. She is still breathing but… Her parents beat her once again because her parents forced her to getting married next week. Her right leg and left arm broken. Their parents refuse to take her to the hospital. They leave her like that in her room, saying that she could heal after a while. And they threaten Taeyeon to continue the marriage or her sister would be the next victim.”

Jessica collapsed to the ground. She can’t believe Taeyeon’s parents would do that. She know how Taeyeon is. She would sacrifice her self for her sister. That means she will marry someone else. Jessica clench her fist and get up. This is not the time to be weak, she needs to find a way to release Taeyeon. She take her bag and run outside the campus. She called her parents and asked them to meet her. She tells them information that she get from Yuri. Her parents furious. They agreed to think a way to help Taeyeon.

Nights has come but Jessica’s parents and her still found nothing. Jessica start feeling anxious and sad. Her tears flow and she grabbed her hair, she blame her self for letting Taeyeon go. She is closed to drawn her self in the alcohol drink when her sister said something,” Why don’t we kidnapped Taeyeon and her sister? From the story I could tell that her parents dotted the first and last born so let’s kidnapped the middle ones.” Jessica and her parents look at Krystal like she is crazy.

“Don’t look at me like that. We knows her parents thinks about their social status highly. We could ‘accidently’ met Taeyeon and her sister outside their house and Taeyeon look hurt so we bring her to the hospital, ask the doctor to make a report about her condition and threathen her parents that the report could ‘accidently’ send to the police. Tells them how much shame they could feel about it and not only shame, they could get in to the jail. If they still stubborn then make the accidentally happen, Taeyeon would free from them forever.”

Jessica bite her lips thinking about it. At first it does sound crazy but Taeyeon’s parents are crazy so we have to fight crazy people with crazy way. But Taeyeon won’t like it. Jessica’s parents and sister look at her waiting for her decision. “Taeyeon won’t like it. She will hate me if we make her parents go to jail.”

“Well, that’s your call, sis. If you do it, Taeyeon might be hate you but she will live the rest of her life happily. But if you let her do as her parents’ pleased, she will always suffer until her parents and brother die which is her entire life. So, do you prefer doing my ide and ‘might be’ hated by Taeyeon or let her suffer but she didn’t hate you?” Krystal explain her logic to Jessica.

Jessica think her sister’s word deeply and decided that it’s better if Taeyeon hates her but live a happy life later than suffered her entire life. I’m sorry, Baby Goo. I love you too much to let you suffer. Jessica nodded her head and look at the rest of her family with determine face. “Mom, Dad, you do know that if we do it, our family reputation might be risked,right? I don’t want to make all your hard work vanished just because of me.”

Mr and Mrs. Jung smile at Jessica tenderly. “Nothing is more important than family and we have accepted Taeyeon as our family, remember? So we are willing to sacrifice our company for her.”

Krystal smile and once again ask for group hug. They all hug tightly and that time Jessica and Krystal grateful to have this wonderful parents. After a while they release each other and Krystal as the team leader explain the step.

“First we need help from Yuri unnie to ask Taeyeon unnie and her sister to step out from the house so we could ‘accidently’ met her. Second, we need a super fast car with tinted window so nobody could see anything.  Third, we need the hospital to be ready for the procedure when we arrived. Fourth, we need to lure Taeyeonnie’s other family to go out. First step could be done by Sica unnie. And the rest I hope our dear parents could do it.” Jessica and her parents nodded their head seriously. “Alright, last one. No one beside our family knows about it so if there's something wrong, only our family would suffer. Understood?” once again they nodded their head. “Okay, proceed the preparation. We will do it tonight. You all dismissed.” Jessica and her parents get up and getting ready to do their job but turn around to ask Krystal. “Soojung, how could you think about it this fast?” Krystal answer calmly,” Action movies.” Jessica and her parents decided to think about it later when the mission sucess.

Jessica called Yuri and asked her to tell Taeyeon and her sister to go out from the house tonight. Jessica tells Yuri she needs to see Taeyeon to reduce her lonely feeling and she needs to know how does her sister look. Jessica ask so pitifully to Yuri that Yuri agreed. She said she woul bring a wheelchair for Taeyeon and help her go outside. Step one complete.

Mr and Mrs. Jung calls their assistant and tell them to buy a car like described by Krystal, make an appointment for general check up in a private room, and make a fake invitation for a high social party addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Kim and family. Step two, three, four finished.

In the evening, Jung family hiding inside the car waiting for the family to go out. And true to their prediction, Mr and Mrs. Kim only take the eldest and the youngest one. Although usually they are pissed but this time they feel grateful. Jessica called Yuri to ask Taeyeon and her sister to go outside. When they see Taeyeon and her sister, they drive the car and stop in front of them and grabbed them into the car in a flash.

Taeyeon and her sister look at the Jung family in dazed. They follow the mission unconsciously until the hospital procedure finished. Taeyeon and her sister side by side looking at the Jung family that dance dorkily to celebrate the sucession of the mission. Taeyeon cleared and said,” I’m sorry to disturbed you all, but why are we here? We have to go back before our parents back. They will kill us if they know we gone. In fact, they would kill me when they saw this cast on my hand and leg.”

Jung family look at each other and they decided Jessica would the one do the explaination. Jessica walk closer to Taeyeon and hold her shoulder. She then offer her other hand to Taeyeon’s sister. Taeyeon’s sister held Jessica’s hand hesistantly but later hold it firmly when she found comfortable in it. Jessica ask Taeyeon's sister to sit on the chair nearby and push Taeyeon slowly to that direction. She then explain the mission carefully. Taeyeon’s sister look at Jung Family with twinkle in her eyes. She look at them full of admiration. While Taeyeon..

Taeyeon still in the daze thinking the good and the bad effect. Well, if the mission success then she and her sister could be free and happy but they won’t have a place to stay. But if they back now, they would have shelter and food but they will abused physically and mentally. But what if the plan didn’t work? Jung’s family would dragged into this mess. Taeyeon furrowed her brow thinking about the consequence. While she is in a daze, there are two hands holding her hand. She look to her left and she saw her sister. She look to her right, she saw her girlfriend. She look around her, she saw the Jung family and all of them support her with all her heart. She knows how stubborn they are and they must be have known the risk if they dared to do it. Taeyeon sighed and smile. She hold Jessica’s and her sister’s hands and said,” Let’s fight together.”

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