Remnants of a Hollow Heart - A Collection



Love is universal. It could be filial or sympathetic. This kind of love can be chosen through man's free will. Falling in love, however, is mandatory. It transcends age, ethnicity, religion and gender.


You don't search for love, it will come to you. 


But the real question is, will you last long enough for it to find you?




Remnants of a Hollow Heart is a cluster of Royal Family centric fanfictions. Majority will be one-shots but there will be two-shots and multi-shots as well.



Master List


#1: That Girl - Persistent girlfriend invites her acrophobic lover to the amusement park. Will she succeed?

#2: Houdini - Medical Intern Taeyeon meets a mysterious girl. Calling card received. Score!

#3: Houdini II - Mystical Tiffany brings Taeyeon to an alternate universe. Breakfast, love?

#4: Serendipity - Taeyeon searches for courage but finds something more interesting than independence in America.

#5: Like Those In The Fairytales - Romantic sous chef Taeyeon believes in fairytales. Is finding romance easy in Paris?

#6: Unspoken - The mechanic finds love in a Porsche-driving chic. Will she make a U-turn towards her?

#7: Juliet & Juliet - Her Royal Highness meets a foreign peasant in the marketplace. War is wreaking havoc in the east. 

#8: Juliet & Juliet II - My heart beats for thee.

#9: Juliet & Juliet III - I sigh for your name from dawn til dusk.

#10: Juliet & Juliet END - Love bound them together.

#11: Tiffany Sparks - She ruled my subconscious like she was the queen of it; like she owned me.

#12: Hi, Fernando! - "This is not a dress. It's Ralph Lauren."

#13: Hi, Fernando! II - "I want to say I love you, but it's so gay."


EDITED: September 16, 2013





JUNE 20, 2015

Good day, friends. This is your author, signing in after approximately two years. I have no excuse but to say that I am sorry for neglecting this page. Many things happened in my life and all of it has changed. I moved to America to study a few months (or weeks?) after my last update. Things have been crazy and now I have no story nor continuation to the plot I have begun. I will work on it and hopefully end it on a good note. By "good", I mean good for the plot. EHEHE.



Nyahaha. What a crappy description. Sorry. XD I'm not really good at introductions but this is compulsory since I need to make myself known, lol.


I'm PinkSago and I hate my name. T.T


As a writer, I think I've improved a bit. I write a lot, actually, but I prefer keeping my pieces to myself because I don't think anyone will read it. I'm a HUGEEE silent reader and I usually read well-written plots from selected online sites. And crack, I LOVE A GOOD CRACKKK.


As a human being, I'm scared of heights and I'm craaaazy about Kim Taeyeon's hair!!! And I reaaally miss Tiffany's flaming red hair. I think she looks best in 2012 because of her red hair. T.T


I'll make sure to give you good stories that aren't too cliche, I hope I succeed tho. XD




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Oh wow. I slept at 4am. I am going to be a healthy and fully functioning human being today.

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Chapter 13: Wow. I hate your story, not because it's not well-written. On the contrary, it was really well executed, I love your writing. But it makes me feel so much like I can feel all the sadness in Taeyeon and Tiffany for Hi Fernando. I even have a tear in my eye lol. Actually, I love all those one-shots! Keep going, you're doing so well!
aroenk83 #2
Chapter 13: I really love Hi makes me cry?
192 streak #3
Chapter 11: wait WHAT...
omo reading back, i just realized Taeyeon was never even mentioned. omg. omg. whoa hahahahahaha daebak
192 streak #4
Chapter 9: i am so pissed right now. they better have a happy ending or imma cry
192 streak #5
Chapter 9: i am so pissed right now. they better have a happy ending or imma cry
192 streak #6
192 streak #7
Chapter 5: but but but...i'm confused.....why did fany leave??? meh
Just finish reading all the stories. And I hope you will updating soon.
paradoxicalninja #9
Chapter 13: Part III of Hi, Fernando juseyooo. Author where u at? :(
CinweiHwang #10
Chapter 13: Hi, Fernando III please..