Private Practice


Taemin has trouble with math. A LOT of trouble. And he's afraid that his trouble with math is making everyone turn their backs on him. It will take a special tutor to help Taemin with his problem. And Minho just might be the perfect fit.

Who's ready for the ending?! :D

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Chapter 15: after reading the entire story i feel as though i have watched a movie.. so perfect.
taemin's narration of happy ending is good.. story has mixture of fluff,bit humor and angst all emotions stirred up together.
too good to be a movie i bet.
Great story you are great and your story too .
Chapter 15: kjasghkjga THIS WAS SO CUTE! There were parts i just wanted to punch Taemin in the freaking face for being such a n idiot and not saying the truth but everything worked out in the end i LOVED the ending d; seriously it was so cliche but what can i say clichess are my guilty pleasure ahha :D
Hhoney #4
Chapter 2: ahhh, I like when minho make Taemin shy,
that's so cute
I like your story
this is cute~
Omg I read this whole thing in one sitting like wow that was amazing.
Do you know how much I hated Onew through the whole thing until like the last two chapters like jfc it was painful for me to hate him
I'm also really glad about the Yoona plot twist because that means that she wasn't heartbroken over the whole thing and such (I really love Yoona she's my baby ;~;)
I was pretty much screaming at Taemin the whole time like dude stop lying please just tell everyone the truth it'll make everything easier you idiot
And then Taemin was answering comments and it showed how much he hated himself and I sobbed like a baby not gonna lie
Can I please have a sequel where Yoogeun from Hello Baby is their adopted child and they're like this happy fluffy family please I think I need this like I need air
You're a really good writer ;~; I can't wait to read more of your stuff~ Hwaiting!
Chapter 2: epic story ^^
ahahaha lol you said fricken
sorry.. i just say that all the time and everyone makes fun of me
gahhhh~ i really love this~~
lanternofhair #7
i love this cute story of yours
Chapter 15: I...freaking love
omg oseidjsisueejSks
i ct
im crying omg
let me love you
you are the best /cries
i loved this ff so freaking much
;w; omg
im so excited dkruxdksusie
you are the best
hime-chan #9
Chapter 15: Gah it's funny and cute and angsty and wonderful!
eunhaeshipper15 #10
Chapter 15: OMG That was AMAZING. :DDDDDDDD Thanks for the great read authornim ^^