New Years (Part III)

Her Not-So Princely Oppas
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Only One - B1A4
Narrator’s P.O.V:
You eyed both CNU and Jinyoung as they avoided your gaze. One of them had to break and tell their story soon. Finally, CNU sighed, “Fine, I’ll go first.”
Gongchan was still lightly sniffling. He leaned his head on Sandeul’s shoulder. Baro was unfazed, as expected. CNU opened his mouth and began, “Remember the first day we met? The day when your mom told you that I had to sleep on the bed because I had a bad back?”
You nodded, remembering that day clearly. You had questioned CNU’s back pains but asked nothing more after you saw his hurt expression.
CNU gave you a wry smile. “I was abused by my father and stepbrother ever since I can remember. I had a sister about the same age as me, but she had run away in terror from my father and stepbrother. She never returned. My father would come home drunk and beat me when he was angry. My stepbrother unleashed all his anger on me whenever he was frustrated from school. I would cry and cry.” You gasped at his story.
“I distinctly remember one day of my childhood. I was at home when my father approached me in a drunken rage. He roared at me and angrily slammed his fist on my back. My stepbrother did the same. I heard sirens and felt immense pain on by back. Everything else was a blur, and before I knew it, I was in the hospital then I was sent to the orphanage. My back pains still remained, however, although they are minor.” CNU’s hand curled up into a fist at the memory.
You stared blankly at the floor. “I don’t know how to react.” You said bluntly. CNU smiled a little bit, “Don’t say anything at all, then. That’s why I’m so grateful for you guys right now. If I ignored my sister’s words and became violent, who knows where I would be now.”
You softly smiled back at him as it soon became Jinyoung’s turn to speak.
All eyes were on Jinyoung as he began. “…I have no memories of my biological parents. All I know was that my actual last name is Jung, which is why I don’t want to change my name to Park. When I was about ten, I was adopted by a rich family who wanted a new addition to their family. The mom and the dad wanted a new sibling for their daughter, but little did I know, their daughter didn’t want a sibling.”
You gave Jinyoung a questioning look, but he just continued. “Their daughter’s name was Jihae. Woo Jihae.” Jinyoung’s tone of voice became darker, “She was the one who messed up my whole life… And I despised her for doing that.”
“Jihae became my new sister, and she acted like the nicest girl in the world… until her parents weren’t home. She was only two years older than me. One day, when I was reading a book, Jihae stormed into my room and screamed at me. She hated the fact that I was more liked by her parents than she was. I got angry too and yelled back at her, telling her that it wasn’t my fault that I was being adored by her parents.”
“I clutched onto my book and hatefully told her to get out of my room. That’s when she cracked and swore at me. She saw a pair of scissors that sat on my nightstand and lunged for it before she cut a deep gash on my leg with it. I screamed in terror and tumbled onto the floor—my book tumbled down with me.” Jinyoung lowered his head.
“She cackled and walked out of my room as my leg stung. Blood dripped onto the floor and stained the only page in my book that was open—page 48. I shouted and cried as I tiredly tried to grab the phone. I succeeded, and in a matter of minutes, I called the police and I was taken to that damned orphanage again. I never want to see her for as long as I live… Woo Jihae.” Jinyoung said with hate dripping from his words.
A soft drip echoed in the room. Everyone stared at you in surprise to see drops of tears cascading from your eyes. “Yah, _______, don’t cry.” Baro was the first one to speak up. It killed him to see you cry again. Jinyoung stared at you in shock.
In a flash, you flung your arms tightly around Jinyoung and cried on his shoulder. “________...” He whispered as you sniffled. “Don’t cry, dongsaeng…” Gongchan placated you.
“Oppas had such a rough time and I never knew… I took pity on myself for what I had to go through, but now I feel so shameful…” You cried as Jinyoung hugged you comfortingly. His embrace was warm.
“It’s not your fault. We’ve all been through tough times, but like you said, look where it’s got us now. We all have each other to lean on.” CNU pointed out. Sandeul nodded, “We don’t have to carry the burden by ourselves anymore. You have us and we have you. We’re a true family.”
True family.Those words warmed all of your hearts as you managed to stop crying. “We know about your past. U-Umma told us.” Jinyoung managed to smile as he nervously called your mom his mom too. “We all know that your father left you at a young age and left you and your mom all alone. He was a wimp. But now, I—no, we’ll protect you from everything.” Baro quietly said from the bottom of his heart.
You raised your head to stare at Baro, who gave you a sweet smile. Your other brothers smiled too. *One of my wishes came true. I got closer to them.* You thought, a bright smile on your lips.
All your brothers unexpectedly fell asleep on the floor later on with the exception of CNU. He slept on the mattress. You were cuddled beside Sandeul and Jinyoung. You were asleep on Sandeul’s arm.
You woke up and rubbed your eyes as you checked the clock. It read 11:49 pm. *Everyone fell asleep early.* You yawned as you got up from Sandeul’s arm and softened at the boys who were all fast asleep.
You quietly tiptoed over to CNU and gave him a kiss on his forehead. “Sweet dreams, Shinwoo Oppa.” You whispered as you took off his glasses and put them on the nightstand. You moved over to Sandeul and put a light kiss on his cheek. “Goodnight, Sandeul Oppa.” You murmured and put the blanket on him. He mumbled something incoherently and rolled on his side.
“Have a good dream, Jinyoung Oppa.” You kissed his forehead and smoothed out his hair. “You too, Baro Oppa.” You pecked Baro’s cheek while you touched his face. You crouched down to Gongchan and lightly pressed your lips onto his cheekbone, “Sweet dreams, Gongchannie.”
Suddenly, Gongchan put his arm over you unknowingly. “Wa!” You yelped quietly. “Hyung… don’t hurt me…” He whimpered while he dreamt. You softened and worriedly hugged him. “It’s okay. I’m here…” You yawned as he stopped whimpering and became calm instantly. You couldn’t get out of his unexpected strong grasp, so you fell asleep with your face pressed against Gongchan’s chest. You blushed but smiled in your head as you made a final wish.
The clock struck 12:00 am.
*I wish that I can stay with Oppas forever.* You thought as you fell into a deep slumber.
Loooooooong chappie! xD
So, everything is revealed! ^^ Hope everyone understands~
Just wanted to say that I don't hate Jihae from Girl's Day! I just needed an idol to use as Jinyoung's mean stepsister. xD
Anticipate for the next chapter!
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