EDELWEISS. open source codes. revamped!

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edelweiss is back with a revamp and with high hopes that we will update more often this time. after a long period of inactivity we are more or less back on asianfanfics!

the plans we have for the upcoming period is an event and a giveaway (probably two in one), please look foraward and support us with your comments and votes!


you must comment when using a layout! please, please and thank you! it shows a lot of support to us, knowing that our work is useful!

all of the layouts that were specified ‘designed and coded by dee’ can be used as a source code. you are allowed to use them as a base, take snippets and even remove the credits.

the layouts that are mentioned to be either coded or designed by someone else other than dee (e.g. coded by aleric; designed by aleric) are not to be used as a source code. please do not alter the credits nor take snippets to use them as your own.

click here to read the full terms.


the inspiration credits for this revamp go to bullet journals and daydream! the images used to make the galaxy theme; and the fonts used; are not ours, credit to their owners. edelweiss' logo made by pastelbaby, gracias!


edelweiss themes by d-tsuga


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