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Hey guys! I hope that you guys like reading my stories and that you'll support me by subscribing and commenting! YES XD I finally fixed my Personal Message yippee! :D Anyways, if guys have any questions about anything just post it on my wall and I'll answer you to the best of my knowledge XD And if you have any questions about my stories just comment on the story or post on my wall too. If you're a writer whose first language isn't English and needed or wanted some help with that I wouldn't mind helping out!

And now a SHOUTOUT to my subscribers and chingus! :D


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About Me

Hello there fellow creepy Kpop fans... and others. XD

So a bit about me, I'm a highschool student - not going to reveal my age. How did I get into Kpop and how did it affect my life? Well, it goes way back to my seventh grade year >.< That was when I first started listening to Korean Music and the first group I followed - and still am with - is BEAST :) After that, I got interested into the Korean culture and was dragged in XD Hm, honestly, Korean music has made me more open-minded and is part of what shaped me to be me today. Some people may think that that's stupid or cool. Those are their opinions though so good for them. Then my eighth grade year, I started singing more and got into dancing and I'm pretty decent at both >.< That's also when I began writing storie o.o Hehehe, I don't write or or yurixgirl. Nothing like that, just simple romance, fluff and stuff like that. XD Lately I've been working with action/mystery and more deep stuff, kind of dark but not angst.

Now here's a bit more about me and then I'll just show you most pretty much all of the boy groups I still follow/intense fangirl about. (I used to follow 2pm alot but.... yeah, my bias was Nichkhun but now it's Jun.K/MinJun. Also there's Boyfriend but I don't follow them as much either, but I like MinWoo ;) Anyways, the boys will come in a bit, so yes I'm a girl and I'm asian. Hehehe, I'll let you guys guess what ethnicity I am.... Here's a few hints, I'm not Japanese, Chinese - I do have Chinese blood in me though >.< from my decendents hehehe, Thai, Vietnamese, Phillipino, or etc. If you know me or if you're the same ethnicity then you'll know XD I'm also thinking if someone did figure out - like any would read this >.< - then I would write them a ;D Also thinking about every 50 subscribers I get I'll write one too, but not so sure.

Alright done with the boring stuff :P

Ma Boys. [No particular order ;D]


Peniel : SungJae : ChangSeob


WooHyun : DongWoo: Hoya : L (MyungSoo)

DaeHyun : JongUp : HimChan

Thunder (ChunDoong) : SeungHo

DongHo : AJ (JaeSeop) : Eli

DongWoon (B2ST) : Chen (EXO-M) : Sandeul (B1A4) : Ricky (TeenTop) : Key (SHINee)