A Couple Reasons Why I Hate Being a Fan Girl

K-pop: Korean music with little english words in it.

Little engish words......


When you listen to K-pop you get used to hearing music in korean. You adapted to it almost. Once you listen to a song long enough you can even speak/sing the lyrics.

The korean language gets stuck in you head and you become an addict to K-pop. Soon (if you live in america) you have little to none english song on you ipod/phone. You become isolated to K-pop and K-pop only.

It's like your own little world.

Of K-pop....






Oh sorry I was fantisizing :) ahaha...


ok back on the subject...

When you listen to K-pop too long with out any american music in your can't listen to american music anymore.

ok you can but its hard you actually have to focus on the words and its just weird..

I can't listen to american music anymore with out actally USING my brian..I don't do that too much though

8th Reason why I hate being a kpop FanGirl: You can never go back to listening to american music without actually using your brain which most people dont like takes to much time.....

Sence i like pictures and i dont know what to put.. i'll just put pictures i found that i like


HEY Y........lady??

go ahead and stare at minho!..

I don't know who this is but

Ahh i love his aegyo!

what is he doing???


ok I'm done

images arn't mine credit to owners ^^

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Thank you for this ♥♥♥
Chapter 39: yeah! I hate it too! I mean I also didnt know he had a lisp problem until I read some fanfic and they were all like " Thehun, thut up" and all.. he's cute.. and the lisp is totally nt obvious.. Lulu has many ppl to kill.. #sigh. My bias, luhan , is going to b tired killing all those "fans" who make fun of sehun's lisp
EmoAxRxNxS #3
Chapter 3: What about fanboy who luv boy groups,? We got troubles too.
Chapter 39: Sometimes, I don't know why people insult can They insult This OVERLY CUTE BOY. I think he has nice voice...his dancing skills too!! I love all the gifs especially 'sehun's green hair ' lol.
Chapter 39: I like his lisp it's cuteeee hehe sometimes I made fun at it in a positive way lol.I dislike the people who insult his CUTE lisp in a negative way. It's annoying really.if someone insult him..yeh im pretty sure his husband *cough cough* will attack them.
Chapter 38: I'd actually like an app for AFF, but i'm sure that's way in the future
Chapter 32: I can't...Yadong shower time...I can't form words...
Chapter 13: i love infinite and a pink
Chapter 23: lol! dara looks so funny when boms chocking her!