Elements of Love








Somewhere in Seoul




Four masked girls are mercilessly beating a defenseless and wounded guy. They're inside at the secluded and abandoned building.


"You're tough huh...now, tell us ..who is your bos and where did you bring the little twins?" said the Fire while punching his face


"I wont tell you, I'm not stupid and my loyalty is for my boss" said the wounded guy


"Loyalty? You think they're not going to kill you even If you escape from us..which I highly doubt" exclaimed Earth while kicking his back


"I dont care, what are you waiting for? Kill me now.... Even if I told you the truth..you're still gonna kill me"


"It's my pleasure..so where do you want to put this bomb on you body...In your balls?" replied the Air



"Enoughhhhhhhh......" screams the Water





The guy...upon seeing a mysterious woman who happens to remove her mask shivers...

.Her eyes...it's mesmerizing....

It's beautiful....






But  it's dead.....and cold as ice



"Mr....what do you want us to do? Give us their location and were done here"

"No.....I can't...never"


The Goddess of Water sighed heavily while rolling her eyes


"Merde...seriously..it's getting boring now. We gave you a lot of chance but you're really a hard headed guy..Sorry, but you left me no reason to do it...."


She said while pressing a number in her phone...


"Yes.....I need you to litigate them now. What can I do? He's so stubborn..Yes....do it clean and no trace of evidence..or else...i will kill you myself" she said while staring straight into the guy's eyes

Suddenly, his eyes grew wide while seeing a few men  following his family. One man even pointing a gun to her daughter and then he snapped into reality....


"Mianheeeee, please spare my family. They're innocent...please..let them live" the guy cried while watching his family getting followed on the video


"Innocent? then , how about the twins that your gang kidnapped. It's too late......."


"No..it's notttttt...Please..I will confess everything. Just leave my family alone" the guy begged and crying loud


"Aishhhh...you're too loud" the  temperamental Goddess smirk after permanently zip his mouth





An hour later...


"Agent Fire.....you didnt need to kill him...."

"He deserves it Agent Air...because If I didnt, s will do..And besides, he recognized us already..And we dont want to get screwed" 

"This mission of ours is getting boring day by day. I wish we could go back to our own selves and  Btw...congrats to us..Another mission Accomplished"  Agent Earth beamed happily

"Soon..we will be. Remember it took us years to be accepted as we are..and Our Head  Boss is counting on us..be patient agents" said the now calm Agent Water



The secrets agents are riding on a van, heading to their secret headquarter when suddenly...

They all received a message saying..
























Girls...where the hell are you? The Music Festival is about to start in 20 minutes and Sajangnim is mad as hell..Come quickly...2NE1"

Manager Jjango








This is going to be a full-length story..

So I decided that I need a co-author in case I got lazy to update


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msdeathstalker #1
Chapter 14: i love this story i suddenly remember the Agent's story of Noelle Arroyo one of my favorite author of all time... thanks
daralinghere #2
Chapter 14: Does Dara's group knows gd and cl are with the rivals? I want them to attack them when they least expect it like wat @avdfanfic said
I can't guess who will be Kwan >.< , hope he'll have his memories back so he can remember kiyomiI/dara
Tnx for updating <3
Chapter 14: who will be kwan ?
ah, it's getting more and more interesting <3
avdfanatic #4
Chapter 14: i wish dara's group would turn the table on their rivals soon... but of course, i want it to happen at a time they least expect it
maknaelover1994 #5
Chapter 14: Kyaaahhh so it means that daras chilhood friend and jae brother is still alive????

Thanks for the update <3
Chapter 14: Kyahhh, so intense and trilling..excited much for the next update...thanks for the update, authornim :))
Chapter 13: kyahhhh.. getting hot & sizzling.....
One by one their true identity are already discovered,....i like it
no,..I love this fic,can't wait for the next chapter
Thank you so much for the update..........
Please more soon, :))
Chapter 13: OMG i give my sympathy to Minho, who the hell will agree to that esp. if involves his girl & her ex ... feelings may comeback if that will continue ... i wonder if Jae really loves her or if he still loves her ... thank you so much for the update.
avdfanatic #9
Chapter 13: ooohh... i'm curious about dara's "crazy" plan...
maknaelover1994 #10
Chapter 13: Ooh so thats the reason why minho is jealous and omo jaejoong is kwan brother

Thanks for the update authornim ^^