what goes around comes back around


what happens when the one you loved so much betrayed you? Will you be able to handle the betrayal?

from strangers to  acquaintance to friends to lovers to newlyweds then back to strangers again?

Fate really loves to play with you. Yet you can't do anything about it.  



Myungsoo (21years old)


a very cold guy but once you know him well, he will show you a different side of him that no one knows of him.

He is very intelligent as well. What more can u ask from a pretty face?

Seomin (18 years old)


Very stubborn girl yet cheerful at the same time. Studying a business course in private uni.

Woohyun ( 22 years old )


he is a very charming guy who captures the hearts of many but he is very devoted to only one girl.

Bae Suzy (19years old)


a typical girl next door that everyone cant seem to hate her. bubbly character she has :D

Sungyeol(22years old)


Myungsoo's best friend since birth.

Daehyun(20 years old)


Seomin's closest cousin.

Seulong (26 years old)


Seomin's oldest brother who dotes on her very much. A model.

Changjo (18years old)


Seomin's twin brother. Personality so identical that if they were to crossdress, no one could tell.


hello, this is my first fanfic ! Pardon me for my english vocab >.< Please support me!!

This story is purely my idea, i swear i didn't copy from anywhere ! :D Hereby copyrighted by me! 

Continue READING to know more about the characters ! Sorry, I just dont intend to spoil the fun ~

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If you are actually changing the fic... Add yourself as a character! Your gorgeous, unnie^^ I'm now a Seoldier. Get it? Soldier? Seoldier? That's your fanclub name. Keke^^ I hereby declare myself president of Seoldiers. Seominnie Unnie fighting!!!!
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I actually am subscribed but I can't bring myself to read this story...... Mostly because it's not Myungzy. If you want more subscribers add the tag you, and instead of writing,'Seomin(Me)', write,'Seomin(You)'. Just a tip! Better yet though..... Convert it to Myungzy. Lol, kidding. Ignore me if you want. I know. I'm such a flipping troll. Unnie fighting!