A brother and sister moment

Living with Famous Idiots!
“Where are you taking me?” I scolded him,
“To my practice studio” he said still dragging me,


“I’m gonna show you something about Super Junior that you don’t know”

“Like what?”

“Keep walking”

We ended up going to the studio, in the backdoor. He pushed me into the elevator and up to the roof.

“SO? What is Super Junior’s Donghae going to do?” I yelled at him,
he ignored me and just went to the edge of the roof,

“Watch” was all he said as he looked over the edge

“W-W-WAIT! Y-YOU AREN’T GONNA COMMIT SUISIDE ARE YOU?!” I yelled, he laughed and took off his cap that was under his hoodie.

“Come over here” he said, I followed.

“So?” I asked again

“Look down” he said,
I listened, and I saw over 200, no 500 girls sitting at the side entrance of the SM practice room.

“What are you going to do?” I said still staring at the crowd of people


“AAAAHHH!!!” was the next thing I heard before I covered my ears. It was so loud! Someone could go deaf!

“WHAT’S WITH THEM SCREAMING?!” I yelled over the screams,

“See?” he yelled as the screaming were still as loud as ever, “Now, think how negative it would be if someone yelled, ‘hey there’s Donghae’s girlfriend’”

“But I’m your sister” I yelled as my hands were still cupped around my ears

“But the media will lie, they’ll twist words and such. Even if they found out that you were my sister, we aren’t blood related. And they’ll think that we have that kind of step brother sister relationships like in those dramas.” Donghae yelled back.
“Worst off, they’ll make you look bad so that fan girls may kill you or talk bad about you. And I absolutely don’t want my little sister to be talked badly of” he continued,

“But they might think I’m a guy” I yelled,

“But they’ll find out! They’ll do anything to find things out about you!”

“Why would the media do that?”

“Because! They’ll either bring up your reputation, or bring it down. Some of the reporters are my fans, most of them are terrible fans. What they write is what my fans will think. If the report about you is bad, then the ELFs will kill you. And there is little chance that they’ll write a good report about you”

I didn’t answer, but plopped down onto the ground. I scratched my head. The “AHH” from the fans was still going on,

Was Donghae right? Should I really do that? Pretend to be a guy…
But that doesn’t sound like me! I don’t want people to get along with me because I’m a guy!
But I don’t want the girls to be friends with me just because I’m Donghae’s little sister,
But I want the guys to flirt with me,
But I want female friends
But I don’t want the girls to flirt with me
What should I do?!

I kept on scratching my head, osh, it never hurt so much in my life before!

“YAH! I CAUGHT IT FIRST!” said a few hundred fans that were on the ground,

“As your big brother, I don’t want people to bully you” Donghae said patting my head,

“Really? Then why didn’t you e-mail me when I was in America? Why didn’t you ever called me? It’s because of Super Junior, and I hate them for that” I murmured,
“Donghae, why didn’t you send my any letters, or a gift on my birthday?” I clenched my hands

“Alex,” I could feel Donghae staring at me,

“Don’t act like I don’t know why you’re letting me stay with you. I know that mom forced you to let me stay with you.” I sighed, “If it wasn’t for her, you probably wouldn’t had let me stay”

“It’s not like that”

“Don’t lie” I looked up at him, “Mom asked you to do it didn’t she?”

“Alex, she did, but she didn’t force me”

“Stop lying”

“I said yes because I wanted to spend time with you”

“You didn’t have to” I bluntly said,

“I know that you’re mad at me”

I paused, he knew about it?

“I’m not” I lied,

“Liar, I’ve known that since you stopped e-mailing me when dad died”

“Should it matter? What if I was too busy?”

“Even when you stayed here for the summer when dad died, you never e-mailed me, or called me”

“E-mailing people is so old, and I didn’t have your new number”

“And when has things becoming ‘old’ mattered to you? You loved black and white movies rather than the new movies, you love listening to Classics like Beethoven rather than listen to me singing H.O.T’s songs back when we were kids,”

“We aren’t kids anymore” I argued,

“Your phone is still a 2005 flip phone. You still use an IPod shuffle rather than an IPod touch, you still use a 2002 computer” he kept on continuing,

“So? What if I like old things? So what if I didn’t e-mail you anymore?”

“Alex, I’ve missed seeing your e-mails so much. I missed about hearing your day, your complaints of the day, all that.”

“Then why didn’t you ever e-mail me back?”

“I’m sorry Al, it’s because-”

“You were busy?”

“No, because I kept on breaking the laptop whenever I got on one” he said, then he started to look embarrassed,

Well that ended the dramatic brother and sister second,


“Whenever I finished reading your e-mails, I would try to e-mail you back. But then just somehow… it would break” he said, then he gave me a sad face,
“Kyuhyun, Heechul, Ryeowook, no one would let me use their computer”

“It’s called the liabray?”

“I got kicked out of 2 already because whenever a fan girl saw me they would scream”

“Your phone?”

“I didn’t like using it to e-mail you because I would usually hit the wrong buttons” he said, ha, his face was getting too cute every second! I mean, it kept on getting sadder, but it was so funny!

I started to laugh after hearing all this. His face, his excuses… They were so funny! Donghae is so bad with technology! I sometimes wonder how we aren’t related by blood! I mean, we’re both bad at it! (Except I’m a little better at understanding technology)

“I get it.” I snickered,

“So will you pretend to be a guy?”

“Do the other guys know that I’m a girl?”

“Only Henry”

“Will the other guys know that I’m a girl?”



“Because! They’ll feel uncomfortable” he said, I sighed
“So will you do it?” he asked again,

“Under a few conditions” I pointed out,

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OH MY GOOOD. I searched high and low for this story!! I read this like years ago before I even made my account and I could not find and I'm here finallyyy!!!! BTW I LOVE THIS STORY SOOO MUCH
Chapter 27: wait... why isn't KyuHyun creeped out that "Alex" is on a "date" with "Key"
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Chapter 73: Cute story...luv it...♡♥♡♥