My Boss’s Son Is My Housemate?!

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Kim Taeyeon, one of the most popular performers on Broadway, hopes to get the title role for the most successful musical of all time, The Phantom of the Opera which is also the longest running show in Broadway history. He invited his girlfriend to attend the audition but the latter didn’t show up. Taeyeon succeeded to get the title role but got frustrated that his girlfriend didn’t even keep her promise of being there to support him. Soon thereafter he learns that his girlfriend has been involved in a fatal car accident in her rush to get to the audition.

After two years, Taeyeon, who is wracked with guilt by his girlfriend’s death, decided to leave Broadway and move to his parents’ home country. Although reluctant at first, he finally accepted his parents’ demand that instead of living alone in an apartment or what not, he will be living under one roof with the son of his dad’s best friend.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Hwang, who comes from an upper middle class family and a Los Angeles based freelance photographer slash graphic designer whose life seems to be pretty perfect, catches the eye of a fashion editor and recommends her to his superior. Her imagination and creative direction, and her interest to move back to Korea, lands her an instant job as an Art Director for CeCi magazine.

When her cousin, Kwon Yuri, finds out about it, he decides to help Tiffany by offering her to live on his penthouse instead as he is now moving in with his girlfriend Jessica Jung, which is Tiffany’s best friend. Without any second thoughts, Tiffany agreed on him as it will be more convenient for her and she also can’t afford to say no to the two of the most important people in her life.






“There’s no freaking way I’ll be living with that guy under one roof! Or any other guy in any case!”


“Tiff, we’ve already talked about this…”


“Kwon Yuri! Are you nuts?! How could you ask me to live with a guy! And yes! I did agree to have a housemate but you didn’t tell me it’s a guy!  A guy Yul! G-U-Y!”






Hello~~~ this is my first taeny fic. I've been a not-so-silent taeny ff reader for quite a while now and decided to write one on my own.

There'll be YulSic / SooSun as supporting characters too.

Note: Just to make it clear: Taeyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung are all male in the story.


Hey guys, sorry for not updating yet... my brain temporarily stopped working but I finally had it back so please bare with me as I work on the next chap. thanks

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unoimnida #1
Chapter 5: Woah! It's YOONA. Didn't see that coming. hehe. But, aaaawww... ? that means less members in the story. though, she might have a back story, i pressume. Oh and will Seobaby be here?
unoimnida #2
Chapter 2: From what I have read, I'm actually enjoying their cute story, though there are few minor errors in grammar ?

I've said this before to an (aff) author, that reading snsd fictions and watching crime/investigation series puts me in a good mood. So whenever I'm pissed off and whatnot I'm either watching o reading stories here. I've only come across few stories that I enjoy. (Wow, I talk a lot) Well, my point is, I'm kind of picky with stories I'm reading. But whenever i stumble upon a good one, I stay. And read till i drop. ㅋㅋㅋ well i do fall asleep while reading sometimes or read until its 2 or 3 in the morning. (Omg. It's like an essay. Sorry author-nim)
unoimnida #3
Chapter 1: No sweat chaengoo author-nim! I've only been starting but I think I'll be sticking around. I'm always looking for fics that are actually well written ?
Chapter 5: I just started reading this story because my friend recommended me the sequel... I just want to say I love this already and I’ve been meaning to comment but I just can’t stop reading! Great storyline you have here authornim and thank you!

Btw I’m shocked that Yoona was actually her ex :O omg I thought you’ll pair her up with Seohyun at some point lol Yoontae is always welcomed though. ❤️
Xozero #5
Chapter 4: I just read for a few chapters now.. its great story authr nim :)
Chapter 2: Still enjoying the story,
while doing some task for final exams
Chapter 1: U r welcome authornim :D
I like your story of Teany love...
I hv re-read it in my spare times

kesujo #8
Chapter 2: Hey I'm reading chapter 2 right now (as you can probably tell), but it just occurred to me to comment this.

I love the story so far; I don't mean to sound like full of myself or grossly overconfident in whatever, but I usually only pick the stories I REALLY like for reading since I'm in college rn/don't have much time/etc.

I think that if you had just foregone explaining the exact circumstances behind Taeyeon's first girlfriend's death in the forward (maybe just say like 'Taeyeon feels guilty about her death' but don't explain why), you could have had an extra layer of like mystery/suspense that would only draw the reader in more. I have the feeling that it could have turned into a really interesting plot point: what about Taeyeon's ex makes him sad? What happened to her? Why did he react to Tiffany's words the way he did?
I'm sure you DO implement this as a plot point, but having the reader not know would, I believe, make this story so much more interesting.
saranghaeyo_8564 #9
Chapter 26: OMG.. This story is awesome..
Thank you authornim..
hikaru87 #10
Chapter 19: author-nim, this story is soo good <3. this chapter its make me feel sad when fany cry and scared tae will leave her T_T. but iam happy they can reconcile at end of chapter. sorry for my bad english.