Valentine's Day (B.A.P)


It’s Valentine’s Day! So what does he do? Romance, duuurrrrrrh!


I’M FINALLY FINISHED! I apologize for any weird sentences in there, I’m just so tired. I’m not even thinking properly right now. Enjoy guys! Love you! Sorry for the lateness again!


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Chapter 1: Woooahhh, so freaking cute autor-nim, I like all ^^,
Chapter 1: Wow! So here's my comment.

Himchan: Haha, very funny Himchannie. Picking his nose in public.

Zelo: Wow, getting a confession from your crush is awesome :)

Youngjae: Youngjae's so romantic.

Yongguk: Having a stalker for a boyfriend, huh? LOL.

Daehyun: I love his voice too! :)

Jongup: Great dancer!

Overall, i love this oneshot.

Happy Valentine's Day :)