Childbirth Scenarios with B.A.P



 He nods, spun you around facing him. Yongguk lean down and kiss your tummy. “Good morning boy. How have you been little one? When are you coming out? Daddy wanna see you badly.” He pouts and his fingers are twirling on your stomach. 



Okay guys, im at description. -____-"




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iamgigi #1
Chapter 1: OMG xD I love it <3 Perfect.........
Chapter 3: So cute! Please do a Jongup and Daehyun one! Fighting!~~^^
putribapbabyz #3
Chapter 4: aigoo plizz update soon <3
JonginWu #4
Chapter 4: cute! >><< update more
Chapter 4: All the chapters u wrote were cute plzz update some more
I hope you write a Daehyun and Jongup one!
Fighting! ^^
sodasquirt #7
Chapter 1: "over the moon" :D (best b.a.p pun ever) lol!
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 1: "after a few pushes" the baby was delivered? Labour usually takes hours, you know...
Ah! I want a Daehyun one! :D
-xttran #10
Chapter 1: Ohhhhh, Yonguk's chapter. When she told him she was prego...6 months ago and she gives birth? Labor takes 9 months. XD

But besides that, you're a great author. I loved your chapters :)