Through The Boy's Eyes


The pretty boy walking down the path he rode every day. He bring along the misery and loneliness he got back from home. The tears urge to fall from the corner of his hazel eyes. With hatred, he kicks the empty can with all his strength. Wrong move. A girl storming toward him with red fiery eyes, the one who will lead him to live under lies.




   Lee Taemin || Kang Jiyoung     




-I dedicate this oneshot to my beloved bestfriend -


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childarie #1
Chapter 2: A well-written story with different story idea ^^ I really enjoyed reading. Thank you :D
miggykcy #2
Good to see some different story, i like it.
Poor him, ignored by his parents and had no friend...
Nice fict ^^b
GOSH... JiMin is awesome <33333
Catalina390 #5
wow the best story ever!!
wish jiyoung is real!!
plainsha #6
so taemin is sick right?
he suffers schizophrenia?
this is so sad :(
but good job tho!
i love it :)
Omigosh he killed himself!! O____O"

so.. She's not a ghost. Just ..purely his imagination. .
The note was
At least he finally realized that Jiyoung wasn't real.

Nice one, unnie ^^
She's a ghost... Only Taemin can see her..

update! ><
shuhadaramli #9
OK, I first had an idea that Jiyoung was actually a ghost or something since she doesn't go to school. And she doesn't talk to his mum. This ending got me hooked. Update soon, please! I love Jimin!