He Makes My Day When I Make His Coffee.


Sun is a hardworking university student who works as a waitress at a small coffee shop in downtown Seoul, Korea. Everyday she longs for 7:00 pm to strike on the clock because this is the time when her secret crush, Kai, comes in every evening for his coffee. Sun always manages to serve him. This is a description of how she feels about the man she has loved for so long but cannot get the courage to confess to.


I serve him coffee everyday. He always gives me this smile that fills my coffee mug of a heart with warmth and happiness. To him, I am the waitress that pours him his favorite drink, but to me, he is the man that makes 7:00 pm the most magical moment in my day.

ermehgerd, the cheese is unreal....i'm glad people are liking the story!


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Chapter 1: Wow...this is good, such a lovely story (✽˘⌣˘✽)
Chapter 1: Thanks for this story !!!
Kai <3 Why so y and why so cute???
teresaloh #3
Chapter 1: this is so good :D