Coffee Shop Mystery Guy


This is my first story I have ever written for a fanfiction... I usually don't write stories in my free time, but after reading some fanfictions on this website, I got the inspiration to write my own! I hope you enjoy, and please comment to let me know what areas I can improve, since I'm a beginner writer!  By the way, this a "oneshot" so I won't be making a sequel to this story or adding anymore to the story. I thought this would be an interesting way to start off my writting! Enjoy!   \ 

"You stumble into your favorite  coffee shop in Seoul, trying to escape from the heavy rain. It seems like a normal visit until you set your eyes on the most  handsome and mysterious guy you have ever seen..."


 All time seemed to have stopped; you and this mysterious thing were the only ones that existed in your dazed, fantasy-like daydream.  But it seemed like it wasn’t a thing, but a person. The most beautiful person you had ever seen; the most glorious man you had ever seen, to be exact... 


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