Delinquent Love | Gdragon x OC


He didn't mean to fall in love with her. She's not even his type.

But once he saw her, he couldn't get enough of her.

And so, a most difficult romance started to bloom.

When Kwon Jiyong meets Lee Jang Mi while she's making a getaway he's shocked by how he reacts. And ever since that night he starts to see her constantly. What happens though when she's in the wrong crowd, or that she's still in high school? How is Jiyong going to react when he realizes he's in love with her?


Lee Jang Mi | 18 — Jang Mi is tough, determined, and doesn't like to be told what to do. She's also got a bad attitude. As a sophomore in high school she got involved in some bad crowds. Now a senior, she starts to wish her life would change once she meets Jiyong.

Kwon Jiyong | 24 — He's the leader of Big Bang. Every girl wants him, and every boy wants to be him. He's hardworking, determined, and works by his own rules. He never thought he'd meet or even befriend anyone like Jang Mi. But he now he wants to know more about her.

I N F O ;

duration: 112212 to 071614

disclaimer: nothing but the story plot belongs to me

ulzzang used is Lee Da Som

so please wait just a little longer~! Thank you for reading and enjoying this story :)


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Chapter 14: Why was she trying to her dress in the living room? When there is a bunch of guys living in the very same apartment?
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 10: I don't know if I've said this already but, I love your story~ I've read it so many times~ :D
Chapter 19: Loved this story!
Chapter 19: Wow that was great! Thank you for this story, I hope to meet you again in another one ^^ <3
ainikjy #5
Chapter 18: Hey there!! I've loved this story from chapter one onwards and being in AFF for so long, I'm totally fine if you actually can't update that fast. It's really really okay because I know that you're trying your best to make a great chapter so that you won't disappoint us^^ I totally get it because I'm really used to waiting for even up to 3 months till an author updates her next chapter. Thanks for the update anyway! I'll wait patiently for your next update^^v
Chapter 15: Please update!!!!!
Karliz_1224 #7
Chapter 15: Author-nim your back! !! Yayyyyy I was so happy to see u updated I love this fic .. ^^ ... I can't wait until the neXt.chapter ahh~~~ .... <3
first big bang fanfic. already excited to start reading!
Chapter 14: Omg yay! I've been waiting for this story for ages! I'm so glad you've updated finally! And i love the direction this fic is going in! Keep it up! And update soon ouo double update? /slapped ok :(
xMinarix #10
Chapter 13: Ya know, sometimes, I think the Author-nims love reading comments like: "OMG I'm dying for the next chapter! Plz update soon!" They like to make us wait T^T