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Dreaming of You



He likes it when he dreams of her.

                In some dreams, they are just at home and they’re lounging about, eating, watching TV or DVDs, cuddling. He dreams of them sitting on the sofa with him on one side; one arm resting on the armrest while his other arm is wrapped securely around her shoulders. She is cuddled next to him; her body close yet comfortable against his. She rests her head on his chest as she lifts her long legs off the floor and onto the sofa. She sighs happily and they stay that way, perfect and content.

                In some dreams, they are somewhere in the city. Sometimes they’re in the park and they’re running after each other or playing among the swings and seesaws. Sometimes they’re in the mall and he’s patiently accompanying her as she shops, keeping her close to him as they watch a movie or feeding her from time to time as they have dinner. Sometimes they’re in a bar, drinking the night away. He likes it more when she lets herself loose because when she does, he often finds her flushed against him; her back against his chest as they move in time with the fast music.

He likes it when he dreams of her because he gets to relive all those memories of her.

Kris likes it that way because it keeps him excited to sleep and excited to wake up to make more memories with her.

                He feels the warm glow of the sunlight on his face and stirs in his sleep, shifting his face away from the window. He waits for a moment before he slow opens his eyes, blinking sleepily. His forehead furrows as he realizes that the other side of the bed – the side that is hers – is empty. He reaches out and touches that side of the bed. It is still warm.

                Kris sits up, more awake now as he looks around the bedroom. No sign of her. Pulling the covers off his half- body, he swings his legs off the bed and his feet land onto his soft bedroom slippers. He gets up, noting that it is still early in the morning as declared by the clock on the bedside table. He crosses the length of the room and opens the door of the bathroom. Darkness greets him.

                He closes the door and walks out of the room. The house is silent, in order and pristine. Kris walks down the stairs; the newest addition of the living room catching his attention. He smiles, making his way to the small fireplace in the room that now has a couple of picture frames sitting above it. They weren’t there the night before and idly, he wonders if putting them was the first thing she did when she woke up.

                There is a picture of her and her eight sisters and another one of him and his eleven brothers. There is a picture of the two of them on stage with their second family, the people whose laughter and tears they have shared with over the years. For a moment, he wonders what all fifty one of them are up to but he lets the thought float away. He knows they’re happy wherever they are.

                There is a picture of her and her family and another one of him and his family. There is a picture of the two of them and some of their well-meaning friends in a party. Kris chuckles at the sight they made in the picture. He still finds it a miracle that they both managed to smile when everyone else looked too busy to smile at the camera as Yunho took the picture. Heechul and Jessica were busy in their own little world. Sehun and Luhan were busy goofing around. Kai and Taemin were too engrossed in their conversation. Tiffany was busy playing with Sunny’s then pink hair and Changmin and Kyuhyun… Well, they were busy being Changmin and Kyuhyun.   

                Then, there is a picture of him and her and it’s just the two of them. It is one of the stolen moments that was caught in camera thanks to Chanyeol. Kris smiles as he looks at himself in the picture, grinning like an idiot; his arms around her slim frame; her face tipped upwards as she looked in his eyes. He’s sure all she saw in them was all his love for her.

                Kris moves away from the fireplace, knowing he hasn’t accomplished the task of finding her. A quick trip to the kitchen, another bathroom and the small library tells him she simply isn’t the house. Maybe she’s in the garden. He goes back up to the room, intending to the snatch his discarded shirt from the floor when something outside catches his eyes.

Forgetting about his shirt for now, he walks to the window on the other side of the room. He pushes the curtain to the side and almost winces as the sunlight smacks his face soon after. He blinks repeatedly, waiting until his eyes have adjusted to the light and he finds himself staring out at the vast waters of the ocean. The beautiful sight takes his breath away and for a moment, his takes the time to appreciate the splendour of it all. The air is warm yet comforting. The sky is a gentle shade of blue. The waters of the ocean are clear and glimmering under the sunlight. Paradise.

                The ripple of the water snaps him out of his thought and a smirk comes into place as a figure emerges out of the water; open as she in a much needed breath and her hands coming up to wipe the water from her face. It’s her. It doesn’t surprise him that she’s there. After all, she has fallen in love with the waters as soon as he has finished teaching her how to swim. She didn’t know how when he met her and what an irony that made – for her name is Choi Sooyoung.

He chuckles to himself as he moves away from the window, stopping by his cabinet to grab a pair of swimming trunks before disappearing into the bathroom.

                Kris emerges a few minutes later, still half- yet appropriate for what he is intending to do. Grabbing a towel from the cabinet, he leaves the room and heads downstairs. He isn’t in a hurry. There’s a beauty in taking his time and savouring each moment of this stillness and serenity. He walks past the living room and the kitchen and stops before the door leading to the beach. He notices that she has disappeared for view again, taking it as his cue to take off his slippers and come out. The sunlight kisses his fair skin as he walks to the shore; the soft, smooth, white sand feeling like powder beneath his feet.

                He has just placed the towel next to hers on a nearby beach chair when she emerges from below again, slowly gasping for breath. Kris folds his arms unconsciously over his bare chest as he watches her. Sooyoung is facing the horizon, the indefinite expanse of water way out there. She smiles at the sight and turns around, blinking in surprise when she sees him standing there. Instantly, a smile graces her face as she lifts her hand and waves. He waves back and she goes back to swimming.

                He watches her again, feeling proud that he has helped her enjoy the beach more than she once has. In truth, he feels this certain kind of freedom and strength when he swims and he’s sure she feels that way too. Kris straightens up when she simply just stands after a few moments, surrounded by the crystal clear water. Sooyoung looks at him and their eyes meet and she smiles at him in a way that’s more brilliant than any diamond in the world. She lifts her hand and motions him to come over. Kris has always been a person who has never needed to be told twice. It still stands.

                When he is close enough to the water, he tests the temperature first with his toes, grimacing at the memory of Chanyeol and Tao throwing him into the ice cold water back in the day. Finding the temperature just right, he wades his way over to her; the level of water rising with each step. The water where she stands is nearly touching her red bikini top and he absently notices how the water only barely reaches midway of his abdomen.

                Sooyoung is still beaming at him; a few inches of water separating them. Her sun-skinned is glowing and she looks very ethereal in his eyes. Droplets of water fall from her hair back to the ocean and her fingers are slightly pruned from all the swimming she has been doing. Kris beams back at her, wrapping his strong arms around her slim waist and pulls her closer. Water splashes their body as the distance minimizes and she wraps her own arms around his neck.

He presses her forehead gently against hers. “Good morning.”

She tilts her head slightly upwards, brushing her lips against his. “Good morning.”

                That’s all she needs to let loose the passion and love and intensity he has for her. He lifts her up in his arms, keeping an arm around her waist and his free hand resting on her expose thigh. Her hands rest on his shoulders as their lips meet again, melding beautifully and fitting perfectly. He kisses her like it’s his first time to really kiss her. They’ve been together for three years and it’s still this way.

                Kris pulls away and leans into her touch as she caresses his face. Her hand reaches to the water and scoops a handful, dousing his hair with water again and again until it is damp enough. He shakes his head in attempts to rid the excess water and Sooyoung grins, wiping his face dry.

Then he smirks and drops her into the water without warning, hearing the shriek that escapes her lips.

He can’t help himself.

They’re Kris and Sooyoung after all and Kris and Sooyoung won’t be complete without some mischief.

                She resurfaces from underwater and glares at him once she has gathered her wits. Sooyoung doesn’t stay mad for long though and soon, laughter bubbles from her lips and she splashes him with water. He tries to avoid the water but fails and he, too, laughs along with her. She playfully, half-heartedly swats his chest for his actions and she ends up just laughing even more.

He wraps her in his arms again and pulls her wet, cold body against his, thinking that he won’t ever get tired to hugging her.

He sighs in content and so does she.

This is what happiness is.

When your life is as a beautiful – or even more – than your dreams

Now I’m dreaming with you tonight

‘Til tomorrow and for all of my life


The title and the last two lines of this fic are taken from Selena's Dreaming of You. The song, however, didn't really inspire the story.


If you're wondering who the 51 people are then that's:

Kangta (1) + BoA (1) + DBSK (5) + Super Junior (15) + SNSD (9) + SHINEee (5) + f(x) (5) + EXO (12) = 53 - (Kris + Sooyoung) = 51

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