kiss me ...junjin


Fanfic about my fev couple jinric / ricjin Its simple fic and I think its cute story , JunJin He is both funny and outgoing , sport man handsome as hell sometimes he can be clueless and its cute . But he still have his bad side : stubborn and short tempered , he can be jealous man , he don't cure about his out look but cure about his manners more , curing person and take good cure of his friends , eric is close to him though he is older and hung to him he feel as if they , they play around , go out , even share the same clothes and that explain the creativeness in those dorks outfits which minwoo always sulked and scolded about , they never look like idols Eric He is the crazy man in the group , dork and sneaky , he can be so evil if want to , he is that kind of person that be awkward with any stranger or someone he don't know that well His best friend is junjin that guy is the only one who can come up with the best games and can go wild all day long , simply he don't have limits , he act like the youngest of them , his secret weapon is without doubt his puppy face and that sad puppy sounds he make And you will see the other shinhwa members and cute moments


Its before the come back , just when junjin come back from his military serves .... What Happen in the training room , what they think and the cute moments between jinnie and eric and shinhwa reactoin about jinnie new scandal The jealousy between minwoo and eric will lead to what !?! Note : I finshed the first fic so I will post very very soon ~


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eee pls tell me ur updating this