new life without him ~ shinhwa couples and ricjin




 this will be my first shinhwa fanfic , since im a big fan of them and just adore and love each one i decided to make this fic . its sad one

fic . if you dont like this dont read it  , you have minjin . jinric . wandy , hope you will see all your otp in this fic         

plz support this fic and i will do my best to post more chapter and do my best since writing  fic's is my whole life  .......




 love you all shinhwa fans around the world




what will happen if one of the six boys are gone , what will happen to jinnie ,eric ,andy , dongwan and hyesung  

will they over come minwoo death , how jinnie will stay strong when his new lover and childhood friend past away , something will change for sure  , what  minwoo death wish.... its sure a hard thing to believe what minwoo wanted before he die , but one thing they are sure of , he just want them happy . this is  what he wanted all the way his friend happiness  , lets see every one story 


minwoo will be always with them  . how ???

, this is the Question they will answer ~~ ~ 



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