EXO Facts

EXO Facts


- Chen 

Fan: Kim Lu Han, Kim Min Seok, Kim Jong Dae, 3 Kim surnames?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Amongst the three, how is the most attractive? I vote for Tao.
Chen: Of course I’m the most attractive. Best of the best. Visual of the Kim family.

Fan: Jongdae oppa and Minseok oppa, who is taller in height?
Chen: Height is nothing but a number

- Kris

Fan: KRIS you’re not going to use Korean to reply right
Kris: I will I will

Fan: Wu Yi Fan, quickly reply me!!!!! I’ll hit your bum if you don’t reply!!!! When is the comeback?
Kris: I’m almost growing white hair…… My hair even became short

Fan: If Wu Yi Fan doesn’t enter the fanboard, I’ll continue to get fat
Kris: Anything is possible…

Fan: Please teach Chanyeol English!
Kris: Maybe what he means is that he wants to look for you, because he misses you…. Just my guessing 0_0 he he he

- Lay

Fan: Xing xing oppa, do you really not know how to tell a joke TT
Lay: Normally I’m not hilarious~~ You’ll understand!

Fan: Yi Xing! I’ll accompany you by your side~~ Looking forward to your works~~
Lay: Thank you~~~~ I still have many nice songs that have yet to be “on the market”.

- Luhan

Fan: Luhan Luhan, I am Manchester United
Luhan: Manchester United Manchester United

Fan: Luhan Luhan Luhan Luhan Luhan Luhan Luhan Luhan Luhan do you like to eat meat??
Luhan: I love to eat meat~ 

Fan: Luhan, can you understand this??????
Luhan: Next time please write in Hangul.

Fan: MAMA can you tell me, why aren’t you all replying me TT
Luhan: Because you are very charming

- Tao

Fans: Hello Kris oppa, I really miss you. I’ll always support you. I love you.
Tao: Hahahaha, hello, I am Tao. How are you? Hahahaha, sorry. I’m joking.

Fan: Zi Tao, I know you have laugh lines and not eye bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tao: You really want to hear me say I love you? Haha Then I won’t tell you and I’ll let you get mad. Hahaha. Thank you for your understanding towards my beautiful laugh lines. Thank you.

- Xiumin

Fan: It is said that oppa’s height is 168cm, is it real?!
Xiumin: Correct! It’s the truth! I’m the tallest! Ehhahahahahahaha!

Fan: There is no relation between whether one is tall or short!!!
Xiumin: Who who who???? Me???

Source: From EXO中文首站 (www.weibo.com/exochina1st)

Translated by: ♥ Adora
Please Take Out With Full Credits. Thanks!

[130408 FANBOARD]

Fan: Kyungsoo Oppa, Do you take me to be your wife and do you promise to be true to me in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love me and honor me all the days of your life?

D.O: kekekeke. I D.O. ( secretly sobbing because he accept fan proposol)

[TRANS] 130409 EXO-K Official Website Update - D.O

Hello I'm EXO-K's D.O. It's already been a year, time goes by so fast, doesn't it? You will all be with us even until 9908123762134 years have passed, right? We're all preparing for the album really hard.. The road to our comeback is getting pretty near(?). Please anticipate it a lot. Thank you. Heart.

trans cr: sehunownsme
via EXO-Malaysia

( Yes D.O oppa! I will support you until death! I love you! )

We will never give up for our waiting of your comeback! FIGHTING!


source via Leading KIM




UPDATE : FROM Chen] Hello~ EXO-M Chen here~!^^

Hello EXO-M Chen here!!!!

Wah it really has been a long time

To be able to spend some pleasant time with the fans like this makes me feel good^^

I feel sad that I can’t give more wittiful answers even though I wanted to ㅠㅠ;;

During the next surprise visit I’ll make sure to leave a pleasant and fun message for everyone!!

It’s EXO’s first anniversary since debut!!! To the fans who keeps ongiving us your unconditional love thank you! I love you! In joy and insorrow I will always remember thetimes spent with everyone. You will always be with me right? Het~

Thank you to all the fans! And I love you!!!!!!!>_<


source; exo-m’s website
trans cr; angel @ exok-trans

[EXO K Website Updated ] 130408 

[From Kai] Kai: Hello Everyone! This is EXO K's Kai. 
I had an enjoyable chatting session for a short time with you guys today!
I was really glad and happy to be able to feel all our fans’ love.

Next time, in order to chat with more people when I come to the official homepage
I will increase my typing skills to 1100 characters per minute.

Since today is our first anniversary, I watched our debut performance for the first time in a while
Memories started flowing and I smiled without me knowing while thinking of that day
Everyone, how does it feel to rewatch our debut performance?
It really feels new ㅎㅎ

Anyways, the cherrry blossoms and spring have come 
And just like spring, we will come to find everyone warmly!
EXO Fighting!

source: Exok's official website. 
translation cr:[email protected]
Please take out with full credit.










UPDATE : FROM Luhan] Hello, I’m EXO-M’s Lu Han

Hello everyone, I am Lu Han~
Hello it’s deer Luhan
Long time no see, I’ve really missed you all!!
Today is EXO’s first anniversary from debut, I’m really thankful forthe support that everyone has given us in this year!
From today on, we will also work even harder, to show everyone the best side of us!~
We’re going to have a COMEBACK very soon! So everyone don’t worry~ hehe
We’ll definitely give everyone a nice surprise!~
Recently, the weather’s been a bit cold, we have to wear more clothes, don’t catch a cold.
We will also take care of ourselves properly, don’t worry~
Alright, even though it’s a shame,I have to go, see you next time~
I love you guys!!!
B e careful of the cold ~^^ kekeke

source; exo-m’s website
trans cr; [email protected] exom-trans


Hello. This is Lay. ^^
Today is our first anniversary, being able to reply to fans’ messages, but it doesn’t seem likemuch~ TT
I still want to leave even more messages… We’ll chat next time~
Thank you for the care you’ve given me this year, I’ve always been working hard to present an even more perfect me for you all to see.
I really want to sing a song I’ve composed myself to all of you, to dance a dance I’ve made up myself, to play the piano for you, to play the guitar for you.
I hope that there will be an opportunity to show all of you the me with different sides.
Today, I’m not feeling very well, you guys definitely cannot catch a cold okay, take care of your health.
Health is the fundamentality of our bodies.
Thank you everyone, my heroes.

source; exo-m’s website
trans cr; [email protected] exom-trans


UPDATE : FROM Kris]Hello, I am EXO-M’s leader, Kris.

Hello everyone, I am EXO-M’s leader Kris.

To put it simply, thank you for the support you guys have given us for the past year.
You guys let me understand that no matter how difficult it is,
It’s all worth it, i t’s meaningful. Inthe future we’ll continue to work hard.

It’s still that same phrase, I hope that no matter what happens in the future, no matter how long ittakes,
I hope that we can still bring happiness and joy to you.

Happy one year anniversary to allEXO members.
Thank you for fighting alongside me.
Thank you to every single personwho has supported us, I love you~history will go on.

source; exo-m’s website
trans cr; [email protected] exom-trans

[EXO-M OFFICIAL WEBSITE UPDATE : FROM Xiumin] Hello~? This is EXO-M’s Xiumin.

Hello~ this is EXO-M’s XIUMIN!!
Today… is our EXO’s anniversary!!!
Thank you for congratulating us like thisㅜㅜ
Is… it okay if we accept this much love??
Seriously„„ everytime! I always get really touched because of all our fans~~
Since I will appear in front of you guys as an even cooler XIUMIN, please wait for me!! Okay?
Let’s wait a little bit more~~~~~ㅋㅋ
Until you can’t handle the longing anymore!!! Okay???
Even though it’s only for a short time, I’m happy I got to talk to you~~ I’m moved once agan^^
So now everyone!!! Byeee~~~~~

source; exo-m’s website
trans cr; saphira @ exok-trans


Hello. I’m EXO-M’s Kungfu Panda Tao

In order for everyone to see this easily, I especially wrote it in Chinese and Korean myself~ hehe

It’s already been one year, time really does pass so quickly.

Does everyone miss us a lot? Justwait a little little bit more and we’ll see each other very soon

When we see everyone in the future, shall I act a little cute everyday for everyone to see? When you guys want to see it.

I love you~ I love you guys. I love YOU sososososo much

source; exo-m’s website
trans cr; [email protected] exom-trans + [email protected] exok-trans

[EXO-K OFFICIAL WEBSITE UPDATE : FROM SEHUN] - Sehun: “Hello this is EXO’s Maknae Sehun”

Hello this is EXO’s maknae Sehun!!
Ah firstly… the first anniversary… time goes by very quickly…
Already, already… already one year with everyone has passed.
Thank you very, very much~ and I love you guys!

Our comeback… yes… we will have a comeback!!
Because we are really, really preparing a lot
The time that you have been waiting for us will not be wasted.

Thank you very much for always loving us, EXO, a lot!
But please love us more… (am I being too greedy…) keu keu maybe I’m being too greedy.
Please love us a lot more more more more more more more

And everyone!! I’ll tell you guys some good news.
Wah~ this is really daebak… ah… should I just not tell you guys…
Ah… what to do… should I tell you guys? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll tell you guys.

If I just say 412, you guys know what that is right?
If you don’t know… heum… I will believe that you guys all know…


There are plans for my birthday party! Isn’t that nice?? Uwah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I like it too. It would be nice if many of you came and had a fun birthday party with me~~

Lastly!! I’m happy that it’s our first anniversary.
I’m always really thankful to you fans and please love EXO~~

I really love you EXO fans~

About the location of my birthdayparty, Seoul, Apgujeong, XXX house number… keu keu~

You guys will see at that time~

source: exo-k’s official website

translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans


Yeah! I understand that SEHUN! 412....Their comeback is on MAY 25!


UPDATE : FROM CHANYEOL] Chanyeol: “Hello! It’s EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!”

Hello!! This is EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!!

We talked a lot with everyone after a long time to celebrate our 1st anniversary!
It’s was really nice to be able to talk and have fun with the fans like this!!
I think I will even be able to practice joyfully for the comeback!!

Thank you very very much to everyone who congratulated us for our 1st anniversary!

I hope the day where we will be able to celebrate, like this, with the 12 members of EXO and the fans not the 1st anniversary but the 10th anniversary and even the 20th anniversary will come..

You will be with us forever right?
Thank you very much again and I love everyone ♥

Until now it was EXO-K’s voice, Chanyeol! WE ARE ONE! Thank you!

source: exo-k’s official website
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

[EXO-K OFFICIAL WEBSITE UPDATE : FROM BAEKHYUN] - — — Baekhyun: “Hello it’s EXO-K’s Baekhyun.”

Hello. This is Baekhyun in charge of the hair.

Thanks for congratulating us on our first anniversary

These days I can’t see the fans much so I have no strength. It’s really sincere.
I miss you a lot and I really want to see you! Really really!

Us, EXO, are preparing very hard for it so! Wait just a bi~~~t more!!
We will come to find everyone with an even cooler image!

I was very happy to meet everyone like this today!!

Next time I’ll practice my typing alot so I can leave replies with a high speed!!
To all the fans, I love you!!

From now on, continuously…let’s love for a very long time~ us!! (laughs)
WE ARE ONE! Thank you! I love you (Shout with me!)

source: exo-k’s official website
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

[EXO-K OFFICIAL WEBSITE UPDATE : FROM Suho] Suho : “Hello this is Suho who guards EXO!!”

Hello this is Suho who guards EXO!!
It has now been one year since EXO has debuted! It feels like our debut stage was yesterday but ithas already been a year..
I really want to thank all of you.
Thanks to everyone who supports and loves us
It has been a really precious year.
A year that can either be considered as short or long….
I’d be happy to keep on going as happily as this year
For 10, 100 more years with everyone!
Just as you’re waiting for us anxiously
We also sincerly miss everyone!
Using the loving feelings of our EXO fans,
We are currently preparing for the next album~ So please wait alittle!
Not just in Korea, China, but to allthe EXO fans all over the world
Thank you again for supporing usfor a year.
Please love EXO a lot from now. I love you. Haha

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans

130409 Official STAFF DIARY update :

Hello :)

April 8th 2013 is the day that it marks one year since EXO-K in Korea, EXO-M in China debuted simultaneously.

Since December 2011 the first teaser till now„

We sincerely thank all the fans for being with with EXO since their first steps and we requestunchanging love and support forthe EXO that will be promoting with a cooler side in the future~!

Thank you!

source: exo-k’s official website
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans/exom-trans



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12shiningstars #1
Chapter 927: It must be nice to send gifts to EXO, and it gets to them. I'm afraid of doing, only to find out that it never got to them, and a staff instead took it.
Chapter 920: They look so handsome in suits.
Chapter 908: I wonder if Kris's luggage was ever found.
Chapter 900: D.O is so cute. Comes out of the room, sees the fans and runs back in. So adorable.
Chapter 894: The info about Chen being a father was a total surprise. No one even knew he had a girlfriend and now she had a baby. I'm so happy for Chen. He'll make a wonderful father.

If Chen does get married, I hope that the fans won't do to Chen like they did to Sungmin. They practically tore his wife apart and said bad things about her. I think Sungmin and his wife are a perfect couple. Chen and his girlfriend will be a great couple whenever they decide to get married.
Chapter 862: I swear Baekhyun looks like a middle schooler next to Chanyeol. So cute.
Chapter 843: I don't know about the other brands, but we have Lacoste here in Illinois. It's a pretty expensive cologne. I work for a department store, and we just recently got a Lacoste perfume for women. I think Lacoste makes purses too.
Chapter 842: I don't know if anyone else noticed, Lay looks like Donghae in that pre-debut picture of Lay and Tao.