Picture Messages

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Little messages and convos written for my friends, unnies and dongsaengs from various idols.


(An idea I got from the end of my Jaejoong fic)





Annyeong! Me with a crazy idea again. And below is the list of people who are helping me!

(aka been blackmailed into volunteering)


(*will be added as and when I finish the chapters*)



Chapter 1 - Chanyeol for Ruka-chan

Chapter 2 - Seungri Sunbae (Seo Jun Young; TTBY) for Awesomeplix

Chapter 3 - Kevin Woo for Mrs. Sarang

Chapter 4 - Kai for Shawolistic

Chapter 5 - Eunhyuk for SujuELF09

Chapter 6 - Onew for Thiramek

Chapter 7 - Yunho for Byulmi

Chapter 8 - Donghae for Ryukai

Chapter 9 - Zelo for Rauzziy13

Chapter 10 - Taemin for Hope3698












As of now, I won't be taking requests for this fic. But I might in the future! If I do, I'll let all of you know.


Also, to the people reading this fic, let me know if I am missing someone important out. Like for example,a common friend you know I talk to. I don't want to miss anyone out here! And if you are someone I talk to a lot and I have forgotten to add you here, please don't hesitate in slapping me and taking your idol away for a romantic date! :D


Disclaimer - I don't own the pics or gifs used later on in the story. And I may or may not have kidnapped these idols. I will not admit to anything without a lawyer. :P


(And if anyone says anything, this was an unintentional intentional kidnapping. I just happened to accidentally lure them away. Only of some idols though. Most of them were glad to help me out.)


Psst... The trick lies in having enough icecream!



the 11th Chapter is an experiment for a story currently in work. So please don't mind that. also, it will be deleted soon, so sorry for troubling you all!
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