The Pain Behind The Darkness


This is a triad story and the main character is Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Ada Choi, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong find out more by reading the forewords




Hi all this is my first fanfic, I have post it on winglin but if there are some readers who haven't read it there you got the chance here ;)

Well hellow fellows I know that a lot of CharRay lovers will pass by and probably support this fanfic ^^ Anyway for those who don't know me yet I'm a huge fans of Charmaine Sheh and of course I like the CharRay pairing as well. Anyway back to the topic this is my very first fanfic so don't have to high hoped about I'm a good author. But I will do my best and do hope that you will enjoy it and comment or maybe give me some feedback good and bad once are both appreciated. No critics then I won't improve right?

What kind of pity story can it be behind a wealthy and having the highest position in HK's biggest gangster team Choi Long. This story will mainly focus on the dark side but of course when the "bad" people exist the "good" one will be there as well.


Charmaine Sheh (First female main lead) (28) 1980-03-12:
The leader of HK biggest gangster team Choi Long. Her father get murdered when she was only 4 years old and her mother leaved her half year later of the tragedy. And since that day nothing in her life was the same but the worst was yet to come in the age of 8 her life changed 180 degree and since then her grandfather changed her name to Zhi Wah instead of Si Man....
Her grandfather brought her up and teached her to become a strong and successful leader, and hope that she one day could take over the gang.

Raymond Lam (First Male main lead) (30)1978-05-18:
The leader of HK's second biggest gangster team Cheng Long and their biggest enemies is Choi Long. Ray is the only son of the Lam family so he have always get what he wanted but in the age of 10 something happen that made his dream destroyed and changed everything......

Kong Sheh (Lau) (78) 1930-04-14 (If you don't know his name ,he was rays second uncle in the master of tai chi):
Charms grandfather, after the day he lost his beloved son his health get affected but it was on the age of 58 that his health get worse after that he have had a week heart but still manage to brought charm up and even teached her strictly. On the big day of his 75 birthday he could finally take a break and let his grandchild take over everything.

Paul Lam (Chun) (58)1950-10-27:
Rays father, because of one of his judgement it destroyed Rays dream. He was the leader of Cheng Long but give out his position to his son on the night he turned 50.

Ada Choi/Sheh (38) 1970-02-22:
Charms aunt, is one of the gang member but owns a law firm and is also one of HK's famous lawyer. Because of her family backround she changed her last name to Choi instead of the ordinary Sheh so she can become "white" but the main reason for changeing the last name is because of helping the family industry, it can be suspicious if they share the same last name and people can know they are related in some way.

Tavia Yeung (23) 1985-12-03:
An police officer that is eager to solve the crime, she is calm and will hesitate before she make any further moves. Just came back from GB and graduate one year before the other school mates and have worked for the GB Police but decided to come back to HK all alone her parents are still in GB.

Derek Kok (33) 1975-06-19:
Charms right hand, have always been by her side since she first joined the gang on her age of 20. He will always do the dirty work for her, he doesn't want her hands to get dirty. Have had a secret crush on her since he first saw her.

Kenny Wong (34) 1974-01-28:
Charms left hand, best buddy with Derek and knows about the secret crush and are willing to sacrifice everything for Derek and his leader even if he is a two child's father.

Michael Tse(36) 1972-08-29:
Ray's right hand, taking care of the drugs dealing. Have a happy family one of Rays best buddy's

Joel Chan (25) 1983-09-10:
Rays left hand also his best friend. But he and Micheal are not going around well. Have been growing up with Ray since the day Paul find him on the streets at the age of 3.

Michelle Sheh (Yim) (49) 1959-11-23:
Charms mother, left her at the age of 4 and went overseas and have never come back to HK after that. She did married someone else but she didn't change her last name and still reminds to be Sheh after her dead husband.

Michael Sheh (Tong) 1957-04-17 (dead):
Died at the age of 27 but he will appear in the beginning and during the whole story.

Jade Leung (32) 1976-07-26:
Charms bodyguard since charm was 16 years old, hired of Kong. She is an orphane and also one of the four teachers for Charm. No one knows she is the bodyguard for charm apart from Kong they all see her as a teacher/master. Charms and her relationship is close like sisters.

Minors ( well here is time for you to decide who you want to add in this fanfic this minors can get batter position if you find the right one and tell me why he/she is good to be added.)If you want your fave pairing to come up in this fanfic you have the chance now! leave a comment and I will consider about your suggestions)

Power Chan (47) 1961-04-14:
Rays uncle, have always maked trouble fror Ray's dad and is one of the main reason for why Ray's dream get destroyed. And because of him Choi Long and Cheng Long are against each other.

Mary Chan (Hon) 1953-06-30:
Rays mother died in the age of 35, and because of her Paul made the decidion that changed Ray's life...

Yun Wah (55)1953-08-09:
Micheal Sheh's god brother also the leader of the gangster team Hak Long which is HK's third biggest gangster. He is one of charms four teachers/masters.

(Lau)Lam Sui Ming 1925-09-11 (dead) (if you don't know who it is he was the one who potrayed Rays father in Yummy Yummy):
Rays grandfather.

Francis Ng(43):
Charms third teacher/ master. hired of Kong

Damien Lau as ah Git (49)

Ron Lau (Ng) (24) 1984-09-01: Damiens son

Kevin Cheng (39) 1969-10-26: A lawyer

Bosco Wong (25) 1983-10-03:
Senior Inspector Wong Chi Laus son. Is a Probation Inspector and the head of Tavia

Oscar Leung (26)

Lo Koon Lan as lok djeh (56)

Selena Lee (25)police

Catharine Chow (27) police

Bernice Lui (22) charms maid, but there is a reason why she is working as a maid in shehs mansion.

Linda Chung (25)
Her family migrates to Canada when she was 9 years old , and now she decided to come back.

Stephen Au (36)
One of Taiwans big brothers.

Sheron Chan (24)
Derek's god sister, she is an orphan so no one knows when her birthday is but she herself have decide that 18 January is her birthday beacuse that day change her life.


Cast that will take part but haven't decided how big character:

Kenneth Ma
Angie Cheung

other guest stars will be introduce on those chapters

Well this was all for now I will be updating this fanfic on the weekends if nothing happen till then you all can come with suggestions =)

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eliseelisechhor #1
Chapter 78: Hi, I'm new here. I hope you still update!
_iceandaway #2
Chapter 78: Hi, I'm a charray fan from mainland China. I used to read Charray's english fanfics on winglin, but the website seems to have been closed for quite a long time. I really like this fanfic, especially the "Happy Birthday"part. Great to know that you're still keep updating! xx
mudkip118 #3
Cool and nice poster.
Momo431 #4
Chapter 1: I'm a new reader. This is so impressively written <3 I hope you update soon!! :)
Jupi_cpz #5
Hi daragon24,
I will try to make an update in the end of this week ;)
Update soon <3
Jupi_cpz #7
ParkOme, <br />
<br />
Hope you are enjoying this fanfic as much as you like the actors I have included in it ;)
Ohmygosh, i love all the actors/actresses you included. love hong kong dramas :)
Jupi_cpz #9
Hi Poppy,<br />
<br />
thanks for your support and comment, really happy to know that you like my story. Don't worry I will complete this and won't leave it uncompleted just that I don't find much time to write. But I will do my best to keep it up ;)
-Poppy- #10
Your story is amazing. How a good writer! I've read through your story in just 1 day. I like the way you set up the characters, their personalities, the relationships/ conflicts between them. I wonder why there're not many comments.....maybe your fans are almost silent readers ( I'm often a silent reader too but this time i decide to ride a comment to you because i really think this story is exellent ) so keep on writing hah :) <br />
I've noticed that you've been writen this story for a long time...right???<br />
I hope that you will update this story soon and plz don't left it uncompleted!