Love Knows No Boundaries...

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They are college students; Blind, Deaf and Mute.

Their lives deal with the ups and downs, like roller coasters.  

They find relationships and companionships.  

Life does not always have a happy ending...

...but they can try to get their happy endings.


....Who said they couldn't? :)



This is Gelo!  I am the author of my VERY FIRST FICTION (still on-going however), Love Knows No Boundaries, which I have originally posted to LiveJournal a few months back.  I wanted to bring it here to give you non-LJ readers a chance to enjoy it!

First of all, I am a huge SHINee, BEAST, INFINITE, BAP, & EXO fan.  I like other guy groups but they stand out so well for me. :)  As for the girl groups, mostly I adore SISTAR and SECRET the most among other girl groups.  It is because of this that I am writing a multi-band crossover fic, and I hope you all will enjoy it.

Second, there are some things that I want to point out to you readers about my fic:

1) I was inspired to come up with this fiction because I have noticed that not many authors in AFF and LJ have written fictional stories about members with disabilities, and I want to join in to propose my take on the KPOP characters with disabilities.  Even if those authors did, I applaud them for their courage to try to understand and convey their perspective on life for the characters with disabilities.

2) In the next page, you will find a list of characters with their stage names versus real names.  I am using the real names for the sake of both my somewhat-realistic/alternate universe approach and views in the fandoms.  I am, however, also altering their surnames to divide into families, as they will be interacting quite a lot with each other.  Likewise with the list, you will find the family chart for your convenience.

3) As shown in the Description, there are several students who have a disability, four of them to be exact.  A blind, a mute, and two deafs.  As you read in the fiction, you will find italicized and bolded words... those are effects that anyone would recognize, but it matters deeply to those with a disability because that is how they rely on their other senses to get a feel of their surroundings.  Also, you will encounter deaf dialogues, and I will include the guide to understanding the deaf dialogue, if you wish to know what they say.  I encourage that you open the link in another window to use as a "side window" assistance as you read along, but you do not have to do it; otherwise, just enjoy reading the dialogues. :)

4) As I have also said in the description, this fiction will have ups and downs, so please be ready to face any unexpected emotions that you may feel when reading the fic.  You may feel sad, worried, happy, weepy, angry, giddy, frustrated and many different emotions.  Again, I am taking a realistic approach in my fic.  Life isn't always full of sunshines and rainbows, y'know? ;P

5) If you read this fiction in LiveJournal, you might notice some difference in the cut offs.  I want to give, to those of you who read it, much more nicer cliffhangers that AFF can allow me to do, ahahaha... XD >w<;;

6) Enough about me rambling on this~ As a writer to his future readers, I will always appreciate comments and feedbacks!!




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Chapter 66: I hope you update soon!!
Chapter 66: This story is amazing... I really hope you finish it~! <3
Cctrail #3
Chapter 65: Hi~

So I just finished binge reading all 61 chapters of your fic, and I must say it's probably the best one I've ever read (and believe me, I've exhausted the Taoris tag so many times like I can't even) and it would be BEAUTS if you could continue on, even despite the drama...

And honestly, there aren't that many disability fics out there, and yours is the first one I've read that has been the most on point and accurate~Soooo yeah xD
GeWoon4Life #4
Hello all,
This is the author typing. :) First, I want to thank you for your comments and your encouragement in which I should go ahead and finish the story. It means a lot that there are people out there who wants to know how the story ends, especially given the situations of some of our characters in my story. Second, I will continue this story, all the way to the end; it may take me some time, so please bear with me. ^^;

Once again, thank you for your words of encouragement and support!

- Gelo
ReaLiknownot #5
Chapter 65: Hey Gelo~! :D

I do think that you should finish the story. Like you said, it's your first one and it would be a shame to leave it unfinished. EXO case aside, your story is GOOD! I think I've mentioned it before, but you always manage to make me smile and laugh and cry (you owe me lots of tissues, btw) with each character and the story around them. And it's so very, very rare to see a good story where the characters have physical disabilities. Most of the stories I've read where the characters have disabilities, they would either be angry or moody or just cries all the time. Yours isn't. Yes, the characters have disabilities, but it does not define them; it's just a part of them. They still live their lives just like any other people and I think that is one of the biggest aspect I love about your story.

I know that the fact that EXO is now down to 9 instead of the 12 that they were when you started the story may be uncomfortable for some people. I have the same problem while I was writing my own story. But I figured, meh...this is fanfiction. I may borrow their names and some of their characteristics, but in my (fiction) world, everything is up to me and in my happy universe I can make them whatever I want ^^

It's all up to you, though. Continue it or discontinue it, do what YOU feel best :D <3
sujudbsk #6
Chapter 65: Please finish this story, I know a lot has happened, but I LOVE this story!!! I hate to see it unfinished, but the final decision is yours to make.
kakashilover #7
Chapter 65: Oh pleeeese ,it already hurt to read about them ,,,,and did Tao leave exo officially !!!!!

And that's what the fanfiction made for ,we create our own happy world and live through it
So pleeease pleeease continues what are u doing
I love chenlay so much ,,,and I absolutely adoooore chenris relationship
GalakshyFanfan #8
awwww taoris <3 ;;;;;
Kpoploveralways #9
Chapter 65: I think you should finish it. They may be in your story but this is y.o.u r story the characters are based on what you feel they should be like. It would be a shame not knowing how this ends:(
taratata #10
Chapter 65: i know exo is not in the same situation as before..but i would like to see this fic until the end..because i love how to see the interaction between the members altho they are not the same as before and because this is a great fic from,if want to,please continue this fic until it is complete..thankyou^^