Far Away


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“What are you doing Hongki?” Heechul asked his nephew while his hands pick up Hongki’s small body and put Hongki on his flat stomach. Heechul really adores this little nephew of his. Even though Heechul is Hongki’s uncle but Heechul never likes when Hongki called him uncle or some sort like that. He sounds like an old man when a kid called him uncle, so he asked Hongki to call him Heenim as Hongki was the only nephew that he has.


“Why are you crying?” A boy with short hair came to Hongki and looked him with his worried eyes. The boy speaks Korean. A language that Hongki haven’t heard in a very long time since his father came here. “Why are you crying?” The boy repeated the same question and offered his hands. “Come, I’ll show you something”. Unknowingly, Hongki take the boy’s hand and followed him towards the end of the river. Hongki quietly followed behind him with his hands still holding onto the boy’s hand.

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royalPRI #1
i miss this.
Chapter 5: You came back <3 I've missed this story sooo much <3 thanks for updating, waiting for more c:
orchid #3
Chapter 5: It's been a long time since the last time you update. So interesting ! I really miss this story. Keep update please
Chapter 4: wow I adore this story..Why did u stop. I need u to come back. ive fallen in love w the young love story and I am looking forward to them meeting up again, as grown ups.

come back and update please...
royalPRI #5
Chapter 4: aaaaaaa i miss this story so much and i am more than glad when you update this. please continue to update regularly. fighting authornim! :)
ciaohgk #6
Chapter 3: wah so cute >__< hope u update thiis! (maybe a continuation where they then meet again after years? :D)
jaemieykakashi #7
Chapter 3: hahaha...so damn funny..such a lovely story...cute!keep going on authornim..update so0n..
Chapter 3: Omg. Asgsgsjfjjkgk!!! You finally updated TwT this is so cuuuuute! And Gosh I can't wait to see what Heenim has for these two in store lol x3 aww thanks for the update!
royalPRI #9
Chapter 3: omo! finally updated! i've been waiting for this. but when jonghun said that he already kissed "him", does it mean that he already knew that hongki isa boy?
scarlettsoul #10
Chapter 3: Kawaii!!! Love the story so much... I wonder what will happen when they grow up.Just by reading the baby version of Hongki and Jonghun is so damn cute :D Please update quickly..I can't wait to see what happens next ^^