Because I don't know how to love


Hey ! Am new.

And this is my first fanfic ever.

Like seriously,as you can see i'm in love with the cute, adorable LEE HONG KI and the y CHOI JONG HUN.

But,i can't make a decision on which one i want to get married with so i decided to make them together.

At least i'll be happy seeing them happy together.


As english is not my native language so please just bear with the grammar mistake that will take place a lot in the story.




Lee Hong Ki cheerful boy with a bit of moodswing.

Oh Won Bin the school's gangster.

Choi Jong Hun the school's playboy.

Song Seung Hyun the school's weirdo.

Lee Jae Jin the school's nerd.

Choi Minwhan the school's cutey.

Jung Yunho Lee Hong Ki's gay brother.

Kim JaeJoong the school's teacher.


Lee Hong Ki loves Oh Won Bin. But Wonbin is not gay. Choi Jong Hun want Hongki as his 'property', so Hongki will be the best solution ever? Song Seung Hyun likes to be with Hongki because he found that Hongki is too cute to be ignored. Lee Jae Jin found himself caught in between his Hongki-hyung and the problem that a face too cute can be dangerous to girl's population. Choi Minwhan only want his chicken and will help only if the rewards involved with a chicken dish.

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XiaUzuri #1
Chapter 11: i have just one word... wow :)
LeeHongki #2
Oooh was a wonderful story
I loved it very much
I will never forget
Thank you very much ^ ^
hehehee that was lovely <3 <3
hope to read more from you ^^
hope can read more story from you in the future dear author nim^^
eveitis #5
I'm really satisfied with the ending...
Everybody got their happiness..
Yunho is such a cutie...
Wish I had a brother like him... LOL
Nice job...
LeeHongki #6
Oooh Please, no no no
Let him know
Why does this-_-"fool
orchid #7
wa finally you re-up. Hope u update soon next chapter !!!
LeeHongki #8
Oh no please do not do
Please, be okay
Not died
Please do not
This is truly a very sad
an_lee #9
The princess finally admitted his love for tha prince.
Oh, Prince Jonghun,,, don't die.
Hhm for Yunho, get back to Joongie.
He ain't the 1 to blame.
Thx a lot for the writer. ^^