When the BOY meets his long lost. . .BUTTERFLY.

My Little Butterfly

There's nothing to do at home so I decided to clean the storage room. 'Argghh... It's so dirty in here! Good thing I checked it today' I thought. I found a lot of things that I thought I already lost, things that I valued when I was still a kid. I felt happy and as I was about to finish cleaning, something under one cabinet caught my eyes.

It's a picture of a pretty little girl smiling sweetly wearing a butterfly wings.

"Ah, it's you. I thought I totally lost you."




"Omma, this house is really beautiful!" I said as my eyes widened with the beauty of the place.

"Really? Well good thing you love it, I bought this place for a very fair price, the first family who lived here were so kind." My mom said happily as she patted my head.

I wandered around the house and I am really amazed by it's beauty, the house is big and feels so cozy. I checked every rooms until I found a particular room.

The walls were still painted with pink so I thought maybe a girl from the past family stayed there. I was about to leave when I noticed a picture on the floor. I grabbed it and saw the most beautiful person I have ever seen. She's wearing a butterfly wings while wearing a pink dress, I thought maybe she's the one who stayed in the room back then.

I didn't realized that I was staring at the picture for a quite a long time.

'Ah, she's really beautiful, bad thing we didn't get to see each other before they left this house' I thought. I felt sad but when I thought of something, a smile appeared in my face.

'I'm going to keep you, I hope someday we'll meet each other' My little heart beat so fast, I never thought that I already fell in love with her.

'Silly me, how could I fall in love with a picture' I thought as I laughed at myself. I didn't noticed that my mom was watching me from behind. Maybe she thought her son got crazy because of the beauty of the house.

"Son, what are you laughing about?" My mom asked me confusedly

"Omma, I think I'm in love" I said innocently. At first mom's eyes grew wide but then she began chuckling.

"Really? To whom son? It looks like she she didn't took me seriously. I showed her the photo of the little girl while I pouted.

Mom smiled as she saw the picture. "She's beautiful, I'm happy for you son. What's her name?"

I thought for a while, then I smiled at her sweetly. "My little butterfly"


Time passed, I got busy with a lot of things, met different people but the hope of meeting her someday is still fresh in me. I always kept her photo in my wallet. I would always look at it when I feel sad, pressured and confused. She never fails to make me happy.

I grew up with women admiring my looks, but I turned them all down because I'm only for my butterfly. Until one day I met a very special girl. She's really beautiful not only outside but especially inside. She has the purest heart of all the people I met.

She made my heart flutter whenever she smiles, made it beat faster and slower at the same time whenever she comes near me. I realized that I fell in love with her.

"Mianhe, I guess we'll never meet each other. Maybe it's time to move on with my life. I hope that wherever you are you'll always be happy. I will never forget you my little butterfly". I bid goodbye to my first love which I never had the chance to meet in person, it's sad but I'm still happy for I found my true love.

Later on, we got married and now living happily in our own humble house.


[End of flashback]


"I wonder who you end up with? I'm sure he's a very lucky man right now" I said as I smiled at the photo

"Jiyongie, who are you talking to?" My wife suddenly showed up at my back leaning her head on my shoulder and trying to peek on what I was holding.

"My first love" I said

"What!" She widened her eyes, I chuckled at her expression.

"Dear, meet my first love" I showed her the photo of the little girl.


Suddenly, she began to laugh. I got confused at her expression, I know that it's a little girl but I don't see any funny thing about it.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked her in disbelief

"Funny thing is that when I was a kid I played butterfly in our school program, my mom took a picture of me. I lost that picture when we moved out of our first house." Then she smiled sweetly at me.

At first, I stayed silent. I can't believe it. I immediately showered her little kisses o her face. I felt a lot of mixed emotions after she told me that.

"It's you..! Ah Dara you don't know how much I loved you since back then. You are my first and true love all along. Thn I hugged her tightly.

"Ah Jiyongie, you're crushing the little one in my tummy" I chuckled after she said that.

"I love you Dara. We met at last my butterfly" I said as I let go of her

"I love you too" and with that we shared a kiss.

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